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[QoL] Allow Partial Respec capability


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I would like to have an option to do a partial respec of a character. Personally, I dread the feeling of having to go back and select every power, select every enhancement slot, then slot every enhancement when all I am really wanting to do is select a different pool power for my build.


It would be nice to instead of defaulting to level 1 with all enhancement slots cleared, we have a choice. We can select to start at level 1, or we can choose to show the current build with enhancements still in place and we can select individually which powers to remove (or swap) and which enhancement slots to remove/clear. 


Examples of use:

#1) Let's say I want to change from Sorcery Pool to Force of Will. 

First I need to select the removal of my Arcane Bolt, Mystic Flight and Rune of Protection. Once the 3 powers are removed, I can go back to where the first power (lowest level) was cleared and I can now select any new power that is valid/available (in this case, the Force of Will pool will be available and I can take Weaken Resolve). Then, with the next cleared powers, I can select whatever I like.


#2) Let's say I want to remove an enhancement slot from one power and give it to another.

First, I will select which of the enhancements I want removed which will allocate me a new available slot to add wherever I choose. I then select the power I want to have a new slot. I can then add back the enhancement that was removed or keep it clear.




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