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Bleyszen Lord

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Lets us know who you are  and who u were currently,  we have a majority of Justice peoples on Excelsior. Join us !

                                                                                  FIRE IT UP!!!!

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Fire it up, Fire it up!! its 420 somewhere

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@PSLAnimal, running my main of the same name as Justice's Sexiest Tank.


Also known as Smokestack Lightning, Anti-Animal, Killer Strangelet, Ginger Ale, She Bop, Seymour Butz and Pip Cheerio, among others.


@MrsAnimal will be along as soon as she resolves some computer issues.

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Pleased to meet you!  I am Animal, and I harbor Perverse Sexual Lust.

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Jo Fury


Jo Flux


Joi Fury

Kos the Efreeti




and a bunch of other toons I can't remember.


I was in DoIDD until they got a bit odd...Then the super sweet Tempest Legion, led by the one and only Feral Kat. I think I was also a member of TEAM Awesome, but that is just a rumor cuz the first rule of TEAM Awesome is that you don't talk about TEAM Awesome!


I am on Torchbearer now with a global of @Jo Fury

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Old crusty player from the Justice Server

Previous main characters:

Jo Fury SS/INV Tank

Nova NRG/NRG Blaster


Current Characters on the Excelsior Server:

Jo Fury SS/INV Tank

Dr. Nova NRG/NRG Blaster (yes, I have lots of KB!)

Joi Fury MA/SR Scrap

Judah Aracainus Elec/Will Sent

Flux Kin/Elec Def

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Welcome back home, everyone!  Here is a list of my main lvl 50 toons on Justice you may have seen or teamed with:


Global: @countvampyro


Blue Side - CoH:


Super Group: Honor Guards


Count Vampyro (Fire/DB Controller)

Super Bee (Spines/Regen Scrapper)

X-Phase (Rad/Elec Defender)

Phantom X (Ill/Rad Controller)

Winter Warlord (Ice/Storm Controller)

Warshadow (Warshade)


Red Side - CoV:


Supergroup: Chaos Corps


Killdozer (EM/Inv Brute)

Thornspore (plant/thorn  Corruptor)

Ultra Omega (Bots/Traps Mastermind)

Hellrazor (Claws/Super Reflexes Stalker)



and many other alt's!


Hope to team up again soon!







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