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Bleyszen Lord

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@PSLAnimal, running my main of the same name as Justice's Sexiest Tank.


Now this guy I remember!  Mostly just had a couple of Tanks on Justice for TT's.  I wish I could remember which ones they were.  @PapaSlade [email protected] now


If you hit up Tanker Tuesdays on Justice, we probably teamed a few times.  If you ever hit a Hami raid, I'd bet money we did.

Pleased to meet you!  I am Animal, and I harbor Perverse Sexual Lust.

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Gads don’t remember my @ name but several of my characters are Valtina who was always with her husband sgt Fire walker or her healing partner kizzi, Tah’lona who run around with her big brute partner Brutalis fire walker and my oldest character gwynenver my ice ice blaster that

Took six years to get to 50 and there were a plethora more but most were never seen outside of archetect

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Eon Unknown


Recognized Abraxxus, Ice Knight, Flea, Desi Nova -- remember seeing you all here and there years ago.


And although I don't recall Aysel, I too was part of Crimson Moon.  Hoping I get to run into some of you folks here...



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@Critical Care/@Riots Depending on time frame



Riot Siren



Were the toons most knew me on, glad to see alot of familiar faces

We have a server we are congregating on? I just kinda rolled on Torchbearer because of the name.

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Warboss checking in. On live my forum handle was "NuclearMedicine", here I was able to get "Warboss" so my forum handle and in game handle are finally the same.


Good to see you all again.

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Nothing warms your opponent like Fiery Melee.

Tanker Tuesday and Tanker Tuesday Tour Info:

1st Tuesday-Excelsior

2nd Tuesday-Torchbearer

3rd Tuesday- Everlasting

4th Tuesday- Indomitable

Special weekend run for Reunion/Europe

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@Kytherion Arx/ @Kytheria Aurelia on the rebound here.

Former toons:


  Kytheria Aurelia

  Pulsewave One

  Barricade Buster

  Vanguard Star

  Kytherion Arx

etc etc ad nauseum





Fire it up, Fire it up!! its 420 somewhere

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[Request] Ignicity:  Attention Justice heroes! This thread, hosted by Lords of Chaos, will be lead by the Bleyszen One. Please keep request chat clear for instructions. Thank you!


Discord: Ignicity

Former Official Justice Troll

Official Excelsior Hamidon Spawner

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Missed you all Incredibly much!!!


I'm @choake..

Mostly ChoNoes, Kreature Feature, Cho the Fro, Cho...


Everyday an Old global pops up in Excelsior chat and it's beautiful!!!


Miss you all, hope you had/have good memories of me, and if you don't I'd love to hear them lol..


Moar SB!!! k.. <3

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