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Bleyszen Lord

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I stopped playing back around issue 7 or 8 and can't remember my former SG. Global handle was @hellsminion.




Hells healer




Those were my mains. I'll post my current server later


New global: @hacknslash


See you in-game!

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Hi!  I already recognize some names.  I started late (i15), played Infinity (home server), then Virtue, but eventually Justice and Victory became the main servers I played on.  Hoping to see other old friends here, make new friends, and enjoy the adventures!


On live my global was @Kristoff von Gelmini.  Here it's simply @KvG.  (Since I am starting over, my original 1st 50 was a def, soon to be re-rolled as a Corr named Kieron von Gelmini.)


See ya in-game!  8)

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This was my first server. I played Obsidian on Justice. Most people called me Obby. I moved to Protector after my first year on Justice due to all my friends leaving the game. Felt it would be easier to just start new on a new server, so I did. I know chances are, I will not find my old friends here, but here's to wishful thinking.

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Oh the good old days. 

So many names but started out as "Unreal Alien"  and various names in CoH early days



Gaze of Artemis



Gazes ..and so on

Mainly focused on PvP after arena came out but maybe someone remembers me. On Indomitable atm but might move to Excelsior after seeing this..

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Hobbit Archer – Justice

Kozmic Dragon – Justice

Kozmic Robot – Justice

others that may or may not have been among the 13 I had on Justice: AZ Ranger Koz, Del Zorro, Doc Koz, Doc Mind, Harry Berlin, Just Koz, Kozmic Daisho, Kozmic Dragon Dark, Kozmic Dragon Grey, Kozmic Dragon Red, Kozmic Fixit, Kozmic Gladiator, Kozmic Kat, Kozmic Knight, Kozmic Musketeer, Kozmic Slugger, Officer Boom, Officer Friday, Richard Berlin, Richard Koz, Rowdie Kat, Short Bo, Tiny Kozmic Archer, Tiny Kozmic Storm, Traxus, Wingolas

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Justice server since beta 


       Reactor - Mutant Energy Blaster ( primary )

       Masterson - Mutant Katana/regen scrapper 

       T'Sarien - Mutant Kinetic Defender

       Silverion - Peacebringer




UNFORTUNATELY!! ,.... someone has beaten me to Excelsior so you will find me as .Reactor !!!

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For good or not, I'm not sure if there is anyone still around who'd remember me but I was Flareback and Gashback back in the day. I too was an altaholic with the following names


Hero side, then - now


Ampervolt - same

Briarstone - same

Chilldown - same

Emberheal - Etherheal

Flareback - Flareout

Gashback - same

Lightwave - Lightflame

Psydeswipe - same

Warpfield - Warpstorm

Yellowstone (Dursabot XI) - Zoregen


Villain side, then - now


Gen. Dursagon - same

Gigerstripe - same

Adirael - Hebirael

Frostblaine - Iceblaine

Jatonikhan - Jinjakatto

Knellsbelle - same

Malidar - same

Dursabot XII - Neuralsync

Evil Flareback - Overheat

Quickspin - Spiderfrog

Rapidshot - Terrorbull

Ssagaross - same

Tidalwave - Tidalbloom

Undergrowth - Underbrush

Viceralia - same

Xerxes - Rivenclau

S.A.L.E.M. Mk 1 - SALEM Mk 1

New alts:





Dursabot Max IX







Flareback is my main and I have 30 other alts... at this time... Checkout the Xenoterrans sometime...


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Hi, @FlaminBabe checking in.

i used to play on Justice server with Crimson Moon and also Omega Sector

I am now playing again on Reunion, Everlasting and now on Excelsior, only been playing again for a few weeks now.

FlaminBabe was my first toon, a Fire / Fire Blaster, was my only toon when global handles came out.

other toons i played were:


CardioTherapist and Empathy Defender

Cerebral Incinerator  a Fire / Mental blaster

Scot Wallace a broadsword /regen scrapper

NinjaChic a Katana / SR scrapper

StormyGirl a storm controller

Cactus Jack a Spines / Regen i think

also had a really cool Plant  / Dark, i thot i was a defender but maybe it was a controller that Zartain helped me make, she was badasss!!

lost all my old mids build files

and a bunch of other toons


I remember running with Bleyzen Lord and Zartain and Nitra... and of course the CM Crew, Koaru, Nursette, Doc, Aysel, Sonic, and the rest.

i am hoping to run into you all again soon, please send me global invites.


lets keep Paragon City Safe !!


Thanks to the Homecoming team for bringing back a game and community i really missed


Gamer Dave




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Hey all, ^^ Remember quite a few names in here especially Nursette !! I used to run around with Hito, TiPpo, Mike Killa, Baby Cakes, Dark Ninja, ILLRAD, Nex Votum, and many more battling Waffle Supreme in PVP zones around Paragon.


played from day one Hero side as Uber Milf until my name got deleted for TOS violation? So W A S U B E R was born a Dark/ Dark defender. I had many alts you may have run into or the super group Villain side -Corruption-


Pest Vargas -Tank

Geostigma -Stalker

Delanooch - Mastermind

Psyche's Sister - Controller

Brandon Frost -Blaster


Lots of PVP but also lots of Hamidon Raids, I love 3 seconds per frame!!!! Can't kill what you can't see!

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9 hours ago, Gerswin said:

@Gerswin checking in on Excelsior.  Just started today and a bit overwhelmed. Made a bio/ss tank named Nostalgicron.  I will probably have 30 Alts before I get him to 10 though.

Welcome back Gers!

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"If you can read this, I've failed as a developer." -- Caretaker


Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 15APR24)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

@macskull/@Not Mac | Twitch | Youtube

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Misfit Villains.. are we doing SGs also?





Other 50s - Iron, Marvelous, ViP, Teeko, Dix, Nua, Laziest

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"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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