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City of Heroes Theme Remake Mod


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CoH Remake Theme!

(Detailed Explanation)


As some of you may remember, a while back I introduced to you my cover version of the City of Heroes Theme. I basically updated the theme to fit today's times. I got a lot of positive feedback on the rewritten song and I recall at least one player asking if it could be implemented into the character select and creation screen. I never expected that to happen due to the fact that I am sure not everyone would want to use any other song other than what is already there. However, after my recent times creating mods for the community, I decided to turn this into a usable mod for the community if any of you so chose to add it in. Here is the video below for the very song in the mod so that you may take it for a spin before committing to adding it as a mod.




If you have enjoyed what you heard and would like to add it to your City of Heroes experience upon character creation, then instructions for the file is below. The mod is in the attached file at the bottom of this post. The last file name is different from the file name in my Powers Mods, so be sure to check out the new path in the instructions below. And as always...Enjoy!



Instructions (Destructions?)


  • First, unzip the file beneath the instructions and open the folder.
  • Find your City of Heroes folder and open it up.

(If you see a Data Folder)

  • Open the Data Folder.
  • Open the Sound Folder
  • Open the Ogg Folder
  • Open the Frontend Folder
  • Copy file from opened Zip file and drag it to the Frontend Folder
  • Close all folders and restart game


(If you do not have a Data Folder or any other folder mentioned above!)


  • Inside the City of Heroes Folder...
  • Create a Folder and name it Data
  • Open the Data Folder and create another folder and name it Sound
  • Open the Sound Folder and create yet another folder and name it Ogg
  • Open the Ogg Folder and you've guessed it, create a folder and name it Frontend
  • Copy the file from the opened Zip file that I have provided and drag the file to the Frontend Folder
  • Close all folders and restart game


If you have some of the folders mentioned above, but some folders are missing, then create the missing folders and place them in order of how they are listed above. Once finished, copy and drag the file from the Zip folder below and place the file inside the Frontend Folder. Then close the City of Heroes Folder and restart the game.


Zip file is below. Enjoy!

City of Heroes Remake Theme.zip

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