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/Rad MM? What do you think having played it?


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Rad is great on an MM. The debuffs of Radiation Infection, Enervating Field and Lingering Radiation can make the worst MM primary, top tier. Good buffs/status protection from Accelerate Metabolism, and it has a heal.


Rad's only drawback are Mutation and Fallout if you like to solo. Neither of them work on pets.


Bots should be a good pairing. T2 pet bubbles + Rad Infection's tohit debuffs should make your pets hard to kill.

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I know what overwhelming force is but sudden acceleration is something I am not aware of. Which enhancement category is it ?


I am thinking of a zombie/rad build. No sheilds true and defense is low so ninjas will die all the time but I do love ninjas too. Wish a Ninja/Rad could work.

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