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Official Task Force Olympics Announcement!


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First of All I want to say thank you to everyone that has joined the discord server! It means a lot to me that people have shown interest in this event! Below I will be going over the rules and event info!


Date - Saturday May the 9th
Time - 9 pm eastern time / 6pm Pacific
Server - Indomitable 
Starting Place - Grandville by Recluse
Ending Place - Independence Port by Ms. Liberty


Task Force Being Run in Order!

-Lord Recluse

-Imperious Task Force

-Ms. Liberty


Rules for the event
- Temporary Powers Will Be Turned off
- Missions need to be set at +1 x8
-Long Range Teleport Pool Power will be banned 
-Base Teleporter will be allowed 
-Teams will be set, no Archetype switching allowed 
-Incarnates Allowed


Before the Start of each TF I will have a referee be part of each team to make sure that temp powers have been turned off! You may start as soon as you talk to the contact the referee will leave on their own. Once you have finished the TF you will need to take a screenshot either in game or with OBS and send it to my personal discord immediately. You may continue going as soon as you send me the screen shot so momentum isn't ruined! You will go to the next TF site and do the first part over again with the referee on the team. I will have people assigned to the starting zone for the TFs and they will be the referees. All Tfs do not have to start at the same time. Once all the TFs have been finished i will take all your teams times add them together and that will determine the winner of the event! 


Teams need to send me their final roster with Globals and Character Archetypes by Friday May the 8th! Also team name! 


1st Place Team - 400 million to each Player and of course Bragging Rights! 
2nd Place Team - 200 million to each Player
3rd Place Team - 100 million to each Player

Also if you cannot find a team i have an LFG channel in the Discord! 

For anyone that doesn't want to compete you are more than welcome to hang out in The Agora part of the discord and hang out in the Grandville until we start and then Independence Port where we will end.   Also if anyone is interested in helping be a referee for the event just send me a private message on discord and we will talk! I will tally all the times as fast as I can to get the results out quick to the winners of the first ever Task Force Olympics! Winning Team will aslo get a title in the Discord! 


Special Shout out! 🙂 ❤️
@SoMEonE Nice


Let's make this event fun and awesome for everyone! Please be goodsports! If this goes well i will be hosting more events like this with different tfs and incarnate trials! If you need to contact me you can through discord or in game @BigPeanut Link to the discord https://discord.gg/cCxqmE3

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