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Let's Make Some Profile Images for the Needy!

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Recently I made a profile picture for @Shadowsleuth since they had provided so much content and Rep on these forums, but were still using the default coloured letter "avatar" for their identity.

I also called Haijinx out months ago since they're in the top ten posters on these forums, and still don't have a profile image either.  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16315-petition-get-haijinx-to-get-a-profile-picture/

There are a bunch of other users out there, many with hundreds of posts already, who still don't have profile images either.


What do you say . . . can we team up, make some appropriate profile images, share 'em here, and then tag the respective users to show 'em what we've made for 'em?

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Great idea as many probably don't have something to use or (more likely) are used to having a choice in the user profile page. Maybe take a bunch of game related ones first.

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