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Lowest badge count at 50?


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Hey Everyone - I've been a keen badger since starting in 2005 and always enjoy seeing a fellow badge enthusiast when teaming


Lately however, I've been considering what is the next badging challenge - i'm keen to see what is the least amount of badges a lvl 50 character could have


You'd certainly need to PL to 50 outside of AE with an enemy type that doesnt drop any defeat badges and watch out for anything on the floor on your way to PI. It would also be quite hard to show off as patrol badges may quickly accrue if logging off in the wrong place


Am I alone in this line of thought?

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You'll have a minimum of 5 (for the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.) How bad could it get...

Double XP to not get INF or the related badges.

Non-healing (no heal badges) support (low damage to avoid those badges.)

Obviously no task forces.

Nothing relating to time travel.

Log out in city zones away from cemeteries, base portals and trams. (Assuming this isn't PL'd in one sitting.)

Probably best as a duo, though it'd be low XP, on settings that would avoid bosses. Avoid Skulls.

Possibly focus on Arachnos, but rush past wolf spider levels? And keep things too low to get toxic tarantulas.


I don't know, sounds like a minefield of things to avoid...

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