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Low level HEATs and Quantums

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Hi all.  I recently dipped my toe into the PB and WS waters.  I generally like to level up my alts rather than PL them, and since I'm relatively unfamiliar with the play of HEATs I wanted to experience that first hand.  Normally with a new blue alt, I put the difficulty on +1/x3 at start and adjust the x downward if needed.


My question is:  how do you deal with quantums before level 7?  There seems to be at least one in every mission, and it is a death sentence each time.  Even if you see it first, you get maybe two hits in and then you are bouncing in KD animation until you go to the hospital.  At level 7, I can see putting a KB proc in one of your powers, but before that, is it just carrying a break free with you for every mission?  Or am I missing something really simple and obvious.  I don't mind eating floor at all, but the inevitability of it is starting to grate on me.


Thanks for your attention!

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19 hours ago, Yomo Kimyata said:

how do you deal with quantums before level 7?

Nemesis Staff from the P2W vendor.

At Levels 1-5, Quantums are just PAINFUL to deal with ... because you don't have Nova form yet at Level 6.

Once you do have Nova form at Level 6+ you open with the Nemesis Staff (for the Knockback to prevent the Quantum attacking you in retaliation).  You then shift to Nova form, charge in to use the Cone and Target AoE attacks and spike blast damage into the Quantum so they can only get off 0-2 potshots at you before folding.


At Level 8, Warshades can pick Starless Step, which I use to pull Quantums out of groups and deal with 1 on 1 using the above strategy, except teleporting them into a corner away from their group.


At Level 12, Peacebringers can pick Inner Light (their build up power), which I use prior to doing the whole Nemesis Staff and switch to Nova for the Cone and Target AoE attacks that tend to MELT entire spawn groups in pretty short order.


But before Level 7 ... the solution is Nemesis Staff before switching to Nova form.

Before Level 6 ... he who fights and runs away lives to faceplant some other day!  The classic phrase is "don't be a hero!" but the point is, there is no shame in making hit and run attacks where you retreat to Take A Knee (a lot) after fighting $Targets in the 1-5 Level range.  Play in a Careful Coward fashion, rather than like an invulnerable steamroller (because that comes later than 1-5), and you'll do alright.

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Early, early, early on... purples. Yeah, you only have 3, 4 or 8 spaces, but... purples. And yeah, the staff helps.


(No, I will never ask my team to take them out for me. They showed up just for me, the least I can do is beat on them personally.)

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I know you don't like the P2W vendor, but the temp. buff amplifiers, especially the one that gives some status protection, are wonderful at low levels. You can get 8 hours worth of all 3 for 24k inf at level 1, or just the status protection one for 1k per hour (in game). Generally it makes the low levels much more pleasant to play, even more so for the likes of Kheldians that have quants and voids to deal with when they don't have much by way of offence or defence to do it.


Personally I don't think there is a better 24k inf you can spend in game. The price for getting them ramps up dramatically as you level, so they are most beneficial for low levels and 8 hours is enough to get you to a point where you have the powers to deal with them.

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Really early on, one thing that can help is to get the first shot off then hide out of Line of Sight while the shot is in flight (or after you knock them down/back). It forces them to come to you and gives you a moment to not take damage while recharging. 


Otherwise all of the above suggestions work great. But one of the best suggestions is to not play solo. Find yourself some bipedal squishies to meatshield for you. 😛 

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