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In honor of a fallen brother in CoH, Cosmic Council would like to take a moment of silence to honor @Burnt Out who was in an accident and did not make it through. @LB3K will host a special MoUG this Sunday (July 19) at 5:30PST 8:30EST in Dark Astoria on Excelsior. Please come in your funeral blacks as we pay our respects to @Burnt Out. After the MoUG run, we will head to the graveyard and pay our respects to a great member of this community. Burnt Out was a fierce advocate for the hard of hearing and seeing, as he was deaf himself. However, he never let that deter him. He wanted people to be aware that although not everyone can hear in life, everyone can choose to listen. Not with our ears, but rather with our hearts and our soul. May he rest in peace as we raise a toast in his name and remember all the great times we have had with such an amazing member of the community.


If you would live to give to a charity in his honor. He gave to Canadian Hearing Services.

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34 minutes ago, ImpousVileTerror said:

Sorry for your loss.  Are there any specific charities which @Burnt Out would have wanted donations made toward?


Also, which Shard will this memorial event be taking place on?


It will be taking place on Excelsior.

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Thank you LB3K for arranging this. Thank you everyone for coming. I would like to say a few words on his parents behalf. When they found out about his CoH family, they were happy to share a quick note to all of us in attendance.

"To all the friends of our son, Brian - we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know him, accepting him and being a part of his life. While he was with us, he had many challenges to overcome and he never let any of them stop him. He only moved forward in life and it is our hope that we will see him again, in the next. Thank you to Tax E for being there for him when we couldn't be and thank you to LB3K for hosting a service we are sure Brian would be looking down upon proudly."

My dear friend, Brian or to you all, Burnt Out or BO was a hilarious guy. Always had a smile on regardless of the negativity around him.
He would joke to me saying, "What is that? I can't hear all the negativity! And even if I could I wouldn't let it affect me." Always making jokes about anything to ensure the best positive outcome of every conversation. I know he had his bad days and I made sure to channel what he taught me back to him so that he could continue to be a sarcastic, loving and funny guy. Hell, he didn't need my help for that, he did it all on his own.

You will be missed. Watch over us buddy, we'll be with you one day. Peace brother.


Beautiful turn out... thank you again.

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@Tax E

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