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[ID: 31187] [1-10] The Arachnos Insider: The beginning of a new story for Soldiers of Arachnos!


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So, one of the common complaints heard about the Villain Epic Archetypes, the Arachnos Soldiers, is that their special story arcs kind of suck. And honestly, I agree with them. IT's pretty sub-standard writing, and a really boring, forced way to try and explain why everyone is calling you a "Destined One."

With that in mind, I had an idea, and I'm sure others have had it before. Why not use the Mission Architect to create a new, better story for Arachnos Soldiers to play? So that's what I did.

The first part is published and ready to play, looking for any kind of feedback at all. The arc title is "The Arachnos Insider" and the ID numbers is 31187. My global is @Warning Shot, if you need more help finding it. I'm eager to see what people think about it, and what ideas or directions you might see this story arc take!

The level range is from 1 to 10, to simulate what this arc would be if it were an actual in-game arc. As such, it's meant to be the starting of your Arachnos career, and thus the level range is appropriately low. Needless to say, I've made sure the missions are perfectly capable of being run solo, so there are no custom bosses or overly-challenging objectives here. The main intent here is the story, and how it fits in with the rest of the world and canon. Let me know what you think!

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Looking for a better story for villain epic archetypes? Is the standard one in-game too boring, badly written, and lazy for you? Check out my replacement arcs in the ongoing Architect Entertainment series: Soldiers of Arachnos! Click the link for more info!

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Wow. thanks. I'm a big fan of spiders. I will definitely give this a run and get back to you. 😃

I hope you work all the way up to 50 to make it similar to Sunstar's extended story arc for Khelds. I think that's one of the better arcs in the game.

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In order to experience the arc properly, I made a new Crab Spider.




1) The contact is Alan Desslock, who hates Arachnos, but he's willing to help me out because he's such a nice guy. He needs someone like me, because I'm an 'insider', but also I'm expendable, which makes Scarlet wonder what one needs to do to be considered irreplaceable to Arachnos. Maybe if she learns to make coffee just the way Lord Recluse likes it, with just the right amount of cinnamon.


Anyway, Desslock needs information, so he sends me into an Arachnos base on a datasteal, and oh yeah, also kill everyone. Arachnos doesn't mind that sort of thing, honest.


2) Fort Darwin has been taken over by Longbow, but they couldn't have done it by themselves, they would need an inside man. Off to another base, where we find a receiver, and punch a Longbow Warden in the box until she spills the beans.


3) Now off to the Longbow base, to prevent them from wiping their email servers by hitting them with baseball bats. Scarlet liberates three servers, but the fourth gets smashed even before I see it, mission failed, but fortunately we managed to salvage a hard drive.


4) I've talked to the arbiters, who patted Scarlet on hte back and gave her a cookie, and gave her the go-ahead to arrest Operative Carmack. Off to another base, with is entirely brown except for pools of lava. He rants about how Professor Echo warned him about the end of the world.


This is another well written arc, with no overtuned mobs or time wasters (the first map is a defeat all, but I'll forgive that because it's not to big). The only thing that doesn't click is Desslock's motivation. He tells me how he left Arachnos because they sent him on a suicide mission, maybe because he burnt the coffee or something, but still he hates Longbow so very much that he's willing to secretly help Arachnos, while I get a raise and the corner office.


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