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  1. So, I made a thread about this already, but it was a little while ago, and rather than going back and editing the original thread and necro-posting, I've decided to make one single, uniform thread for all entries into this little project of mine. So without further ado, here we go! *ahem* So, one of the common complaints heard about the Villain Epic Archetypes, the Soldiers of Arachnos, is that their special story arcs kind of suck. And honestly, I agree with them. It is pretty sub-standard writing, and a really boring, forced way to try and explain why everyone is calling you a "Destined On
  2. So, we're supposed to update at level 30, right? So, here's an update! Pacifist Unit, the level 31 Illusion/Sonic Controller. My god why haven't I tried illusion sooner? I don't think I even touched the Controller AT for a while. Back on live I only had one controller at 50, my first-ever character, a Mind/Empathy 'troller, and he was fun. Now, with my first controller in... who knows how long, I'm starting to remember the fun I had with my Mind Controller back on live. Gave him two new costumes, because I still like to pretend this is live and only give myself costumes at 20
  3. Laura Brunetti, hero contact in Independence Port. "They have been a plague on this for many, many years." On this what? This city? This planet? This dimension?! Tell me, woman! "...date back to it's founding..." Should be "its," not "it's."
  4. I gave this a whirl. I only rolled for one character, not three. Roll #1: 25 - Controller Roll #2: 77 - Illusion Control Roll #3: 63 - Sonic Resonance Thought of it for a bit, went with it. So far, I'm having fun with it. Somehow I've never gotten around to trying out Illusion Control, and I'm liking it so far. Meet the Pacifist Unit Since virtually none of his abilities do any direct physical harm to people, I came up with idea of a "pacifist" type of hero. The working backstory I gave him is this: facing disaster after disaster in public relations, Crey decided to go
  5. There's a handful of sets that give you the illusion of custom colors, but without them actually doing anything. Dual Pistols is one of them, as well as a large amount of other "weapon" based powersets. Though I did notice that, for tankers at least, customizing the colors on weapon sets will affect your Gauntlet inherent, and change the colors of the taunt effect that appears when attacking enemies. If other AT's have similar kinds of effects, I could see the colors applying to those as well, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.
  6. GastlyGibus

    Battle Ax?

    I'll give the same answer I give to every question about powerset performance. There are no bad sets. There are only good sets and great sets. Battle Axe is one of the good but not great sets. As others have noted, it's not the best, not by a long shot, but keep in mind that's coming from a perspective of min-maxing, which is not necessary in this game to be effective. Sure, you won't be putting out as much damage as other tanks, but that doesn't mean it's bad or worthless. My best suggestion would be to roll one yourself and see how it fits for you.
  7. Ah, that crouch/walk thing enemies do. I call that "The CoH Shuffle." It's the latest dance craze in Pocket D! In all seriousness, the two biggest things that bothered me way back in the day were the animations for "Punch" and "Haymaker" from Super Strength. I don't know what world you're living in where a Haymaker looks like that, because it doesn't look like any fighting move I've ever seen. Punch isn't even a punch. It looks like someone angrily slamming the counter because the bartender got their drink wrong. The new animations are better, but still wonky and weird, and it's the only re
  8. I found out about homecoming the same way, except I had a dream about CoH and I decided to look it up online for nostalgia, only to find these servers existed. Best dream I ever had, honestly. XD
  9. There were on live, but Homecoming removed the unlock requirements for all costume pieces, so you have access to virtually everything from the get-go. I say virtually everything, because the only thing you actually can't use is the Crab Spider backpack, unless of course you are an Arachnos Soldier who went with the Crab Spider path.
  10. So, a couple things to point out for the OP. First thing, this is all completely false. Defenders using their attacks are not "weak blasters." In fact, the argument can be made that they're more beneficial than blaster attacks, since Defenders will get more use out of a power's secondary effects. The -ToHit debuffs from Dark Blast, for example, will be significantly more powerful on a Defender than a Blaster because of Defender modifiers. As a Defender, the primary function of your attacks is not to cause damage, but to debuff enemies and make them easier for your team to handle
  11. I can't say for certain as I've not tested it, but Tanker's Gauntlet increases the range on their AoE's with a few exceptions as part of the homecoming changes to Tankers. I don't know if that extends to power pools, but if it did, that would be why you're getting a longer range.
  12. I mean, did you even get the "Entrusted With The Secret" badge? Have you even been to Ouroboros yet? 😄
  13. Is there a prize for the youngest? Because out of the people who have posted so far, I win, being only 27. 😛 I remember playing this game at the beginning of High School, so even still this game has been with me a while. 😄
  14. The physical numbers that you see are all shown after the calculations for stat modifiers. There is no invisible stat modifier that isn't shown. Scrappers and Brutes have lower modifiers for their armor powers. This is true and nobody is disputing that. A Brute or a Scrapper will get less out of their armor powers than Tankers because of base stat modifiers. This is also true and nobody is disputing that. This is why the end-result numbers for each archetype are different. For instance, a Scrapper/Brute will only get 22.5% Smashing/Lethal resistance from Fire Armor, whereas a Tanker will ge
  15. The point of scrappers is the same as every other archetype: to have fun. If you aren't having fun, play a different archetype.
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