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  1. I think I might have hit them a little too hard...
  2. I'm glad someone finally brought this up. I'd been meaning to, but I figured nobody really cared about a 17 year old legacy arc from when the game first launched. My two biggest issues with it are, firstly, what you brought up: Janet Kellum provides absolutely no evidence whatsoever for her bold accusation that Julianne murdered Clarissa. Secondly, you're on a missing person's case, looking for some girl who disappeared ten years ago, and then when Night Fox mentions "I think she died" Janet just magically finds a body and gets it shipped to the US. I thought this girl was supposed to be mi
  3. It also leads to problems if you announce one thing and then it turns out you can't do it anymore. As the saying goes, no news is good news.
  4. As far as I can tell, all of the following are used to determine how much EXP a mob gives: The rank of the mob The level of the mob relative to yours How many players are on your team The exact type of mob that it is That last one is where things get confusing and where you'd have to really dig into the game to find out, because certain mobs have different modifiers based on their type. A Tsoo minion at even con to you doesn't give the same EXP as an equal-level Freakshow minion. I do not envy the person who decides to start collecting data on that.
  5. I personally just wish activating the challenge settings on TF's gave you bonus merits. "Hey, you did the Imperious Task Force with 0 deaths, enemies buffed and no inspirations? Have some bonus merits for your effort!" I think that might go a long way towards making people use the existing difficulty settings and making the game harder for those who want to. Anyways, back on topic, another thing I miss from live is PvP. Yeah, I know that's technically not a "live vs homecoming" thing, as PvP really died with Issue 13, but I remember being on live pre-Issue 13 and actually feeling a
  6. To be honest, I kind of miss having to unlock costume parts and slots like capes, auras, etc... I still refuse to utilize those costume pieces and slots until I've done the required missions at the appropriate level. Back on live, it always made me really happy to get to level 20 and go talk to Serge for a new costume, then go to City Hall for my cape. Sure, I can pretend I'm still unlocking it, but it's not really the same feeling, I guess.
  7. This can also be abused to fight enemies at levels greater than +4 for Task Forces that work this way. I was running with a team doing the Manticore TF. The TF is for level 30-35, but will always spawn enemies at level 35. Our team leader was only 31, and forgot that his difficulty setting was at +2, so we ended up having a team of players exemplared down to level 31 fighting against level 37 Crey. It was actually really fun, if not a bit difficult, and I'm actually interested in running more of the sub-50 task forces like this and seeing if it's doable.
  8. This. If you're a Vigilante or a Rogue, the ship can take you to the Rogue Isles in addition to Striga/Talos/IP.
  9. Whenever I run the Manticore TF and we get to the timed mission, Security Chief Manning shouts out: "You are banned from this facility!" and, without fail, I always respond: "Oh, darn guys. Guess we have to leave, he said we were banned. Good attempt, team!" ... then we promptly kick Manning's ass and continue. 😛 And, during the Imperious TF, one of the generals says: "The rumors are true, Imperious can no longer fight his own battles!" to which I respond along the lines of "You're teaming up with evil space aliens and time-traveling neo-Nazis and you're calling us out for co
  10. I believe what the OP is referring to is the message that pops up in the chat box. Currently, whenever you get a vet level, it always says: "Your combat improves to level 50! See a trainer to further your abilities." I dunno if that would be possible to display veteran levels, but it'd be nice. So upvote from me. Would be a nice QoL feature.
  11. If the mission were updated so that the time between spawns wasn't so long, it'd probably be fun. As it stands now, though, they spawn too far away and so infrequently that more than half of your mission time is spent standing there doing nothing. But wait, "fight other mobs in-between spawns" I hear you say! Well, that really depends on the character I'm playing on. Other stupid thing is the spawns don't announce their presence, or really make any indication at all that they've spawned, so running around fighting the other mobs, if you're not on a high damage character, risks them getting
  12. There's only a small handful of missions that I label as "must skip." Most of the time, I only auto-complete missions when they are bugged, like having a mob get stuck in the wall. My list is as follows: Stop 30 Fir Bolg entering door - Skipper LeGrange Everyone skips this one, and for good reason. It's one of the most boring missions in the game. I usually don't mind tedium with fighting a bunch of bad guys, but the time between each wave spawn is so damn long and you end up sitting in this mission for close to twenty minutes. Stop takeover of Salamanca - Buck Salinger Another one
  13. I want to preface this by saying I'm not nearly as good at design as some folks in here. I'm very "plain Jane" with a lot of costumes, sticking to similar costume "sets" and color schemes, but I went a bit farther this time and I'm really happy with how it came out. Meet Low Point, my Ice/Icy Dominator. I'm particularly happy with this one because I didn't stick to any one set like I usually do, and found a bunch of good pieces that I mixed and matched into a good look for him. He's an unstable, nihilistic youth who developed super powers from a mutation, and is out to make the world just a
  14. Never underestimate a corporation's pettiness when it comes to enforcing copyright and filing lawsuits. See also: Nintendo.
  15. Not to mention one server threatens all of them. Lets say one server - doesn't even have to be us - does something stupid and makes a PR nightmare. If that affects NCSoft to a certain degree, they could just decide "fuck it, shut them all down," and nuke every private server just to keep themselves safe.
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