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  1. Ah, that crouch/walk thing enemies do. I call that "The CoH Shuffle." It's the latest dance craze in Pocket D! In all seriousness, the two biggest things that bothered me way back in the day were the animations for "Punch" and "Haymaker" from Super Strength. I don't know what world you're living in where a Haymaker looks like that, because it doesn't look like any fighting move I've ever seen. Punch isn't even a punch. It looks like someone angrily slamming the counter because the bartender got their drink wrong. The new animations are better, but still wonky and weird, and it's the only reason I've avoided Super Strength as a set to this day.
  2. I found out about homecoming the same way, except I had a dream about CoH and I decided to look it up online for nostalgia, only to find these servers existed. Best dream I ever had, honestly. XD
  3. There were on live, but Homecoming removed the unlock requirements for all costume pieces, so you have access to virtually everything from the get-go. I say virtually everything, because the only thing you actually can't use is the Crab Spider backpack, unless of course you are an Arachnos Soldier who went with the Crab Spider path.
  4. So, a couple things to point out for the OP. First thing, this is all completely false. Defenders using their attacks are not "weak blasters." In fact, the argument can be made that they're more beneficial than blaster attacks, since Defenders will get more use out of a power's secondary effects. The -ToHit debuffs from Dark Blast, for example, will be significantly more powerful on a Defender than a Blaster because of Defender modifiers. As a Defender, the primary function of your attacks is not to cause damage, but to debuff enemies and make them easier for your team to handle, thus filling the role of support rather well. With Tankers, there's a similar secondary use to their powers that's not directly stated, and that is the inherent taunt that comes with every Tanker attack. The Tanker's inherent ability of Gauntlet casts a short AoE taunt effect on critters within range with every attack they use. A Tanker running in fists flying will hold aggro significantly better than a Tanker just using Taunt, because every single one of their attacks is also taunting enemies. Finally, INF earned from defeated enemies is not at all based on damage dealt. This is 100% false, otherwise door-sitting and farming wouldn't exist. If you are on a team, any defeat made by any member of your team will evenly distribute all EXP and INF to every player on the team. Even if that Blaster one-shot a minion all by themselves, everyone on the team gets credit for the defeat. There is no participation threshold for INF or EXP. All EXP, INF, and drops are evenly calculated for every member of the team. Drops are the only instance where there will be variation, but once again, drops are based on random rolls and not on participation. So for example, if a recipe has a 10% chance to drop from an enemy, and the Stalker on the team defeats the enemy in one hit, every member of the team will roll that 10% chance for the recipe, and it may even be awarded to more than one player. All of this was designed to prevent kill-stealing, last-hitting, participation thresholds, and certain AT's being easier or harder to level on purpose. It's all intentionally designed this way to make the game fun for everyone, and to prevent arguments over loot, exp, inf, and what have you. As others have stated, City of Heroes is not like any other MMO you've ever played. It's for that reason this game has such a dedicated fanbase, because there really isn't any other game like it on the market. And as stated previously, Tankers hold aggro better when attacking, and in some instances can even be very good DPS in their own right. My Bio/Claws Tanker is a DPS monster, and that's without sacrificing any of his survivability. With this game, you eventually run into a point where you cannot take any other powers except for your attacks, and by the mid 30s, you'll have so many enhancement slots you won't know where to put them. I always pick and slot my attacks as a Tanker, and it doesn't harm my survivability in any meaningful way. In City of Heroes, a Tanker that is not using their attacks to generate aggro is not tanking as effectively as they could. Run in there and punch things! Make the bad guys mad! You're a TANK, and tanks are just as capable at offense as they are at defense. And this is one point where I will actually agree with you to an extent. If your gaining INF solely from defeats, then yes, you're going to have a bad time. This is why a lot of players in this thread are giving guides to using the Auction House. One of my only complaints with this game is that INF from defeats is so negligible in the early game that you're pretty much forced to use the market. But, despite that, the market isn't incredibly difficult or complex to learn, and you don't have to be a super-savvy marketeer to make decent cash off of it. On all of my characters, in the early game, I craft and sell all recipes and IOs that I can't use and sell them on the market. You'd be surprised at just how much INF you can make by just selling your drops at low price on the markets. My Fire/Fire Blaster on redside already has like 30 million INF in her account at level 25, and that's all from just selling drops. I'm not converting or using merits or buying things to flip them, I'm just playing the game and crafting the recipes I find to sell on the market. Even just a single piece of rare salvage sells for around 450K on the market, and I use that money to fund all of my enhancements and slotting. Once you get higher in level, the INF you get from defeats increases significantly, but in the early game, I will concede that INF generation is pathetic outside of selling drops. Luckily, selling drops is super easy and trivial, and you can make yourself a multi-millionaire in INF from just selling drops on the market. The guides posted here are super helpful, and I would recommend reading them to get a better understanding of how stuff works.
  5. I can't say for certain as I've not tested it, but Tanker's Gauntlet increases the range on their AoE's with a few exceptions as part of the homecoming changes to Tankers. I don't know if that extends to power pools, but if it did, that would be why you're getting a longer range.
  6. I mean, did you even get the "Entrusted With The Secret" badge? Have you even been to Ouroboros yet? 😄
  7. Is there a prize for the youngest? Because out of the people who have posted so far, I win, being only 27. 😛 I remember playing this game at the beginning of High School, so even still this game has been with me a while. 😄
  8. The physical numbers that you see are all shown after the calculations for stat modifiers. There is no invisible stat modifier that isn't shown. Scrappers and Brutes have lower modifiers for their armor powers. This is true and nobody is disputing that. A Brute or a Scrapper will get less out of their armor powers than Tankers because of base stat modifiers. This is also true and nobody is disputing that. This is why the end-result numbers for each archetype are different. For instance, a Scrapper/Brute will only get 22.5% Smashing/Lethal resistance from Fire Armor, whereas a Tanker will get 30% on the same power. Those numbers are the result of the calculations including the archetype's stat modifiers with the individual power's effects. There are no invisible numbers in play here. There isn't some secret or trick that the game isn't telling you. The numbers you see for each power are the final result of all the calculations the game does for each power. You are factually, objectively in the wrong here and you've provided no evidence whatsoever to back up your claims. Anecdotes are not evidence. We're sitting here trying to give you the actual, real numbers and you don't want to listen.
  9. The point of scrappers is the same as every other archetype: to have fun. If you aren't having fun, play a different archetype.
  10. I can only assume that, for tactical reasons, since the phantasm is an illusion meant to help you fight enemies, you'd purposefully make it really big and imposing, both to instill fear in foes and to draw their attention away from you and to the much bigger, scarier ghost man attacking them. 😛
  11. When I was a teenager I was hired by a fast food restaurant to come in on the weekend (when they were closed) and use a pressure hose to clean the parking lot. I'm fairly certain that the strength of that water jet could slice your fingers off if you were dumb enough to stick your hand in it. That thing tore up concrete if you sprayed it in the cracks, and I had to be really careful if I didn't want to ruin the parking lot further with it. It's like that scene in The Last Airbender cartoon where Aang and Katara slice through metal beams with their water bending. Water can be extremely dangerous at high pressures and could probably cut through bone if pressurized enough.
  12. So long as you change the topic title, you can post whatever you'd like and ask whatever questions you have. This is the general board after all, so pretty much anything goes topic-wise, so long as it's related to CoH.
  13. Yeah, story arcs still give out a random enhancement upon completion, equal to your level. It's a remnant of the days when enhancements were the only real "gear" you could get, and back in the day they were a lot harder to come by.
  14. That is seriously one hell of a base you've put together! I absolutely love the idea, and I am seriously considering making myself a pirate-themed character just so I can play around in there. 😄
  15. Already been answered, but I can also confirm that content and teams exist for all levels on Excelsior. The only issue is finding teams for villains, since redside has a much smaller population in comparison. It's not impossible, and I've ran a few redside teams myself, but it's not nearly as prevalent. And also, welcome back, hero (or villain 😉 )!
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