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  1. On to the actual topic, I'm afraid the answer isn't quite so interesting or lore based, but rather mechanic based. The game just picks enemies at random to fill roles. If the mission is level 24, and you're fighting the Council, and the objective is a boss named, say, Archon Fancypants, the game just says "Okay, pick a random Council boss-class enemy for level 24." Sometimes that enemy will correctly be a Council Archon, but since it's random, it could also be a Mk II Zenith Warcry robot. Sometimes the missions are hard-coded to have a specific boss, but in the case of radios and certain stock
  2. Can you elaborate on this point? I've searched through Ouroboros and the HC wiki and cannot find any arc by this name. I'd love to know more about Malta, but as far as I'm aware, this arc doesn't exist, at least under that name.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive. He's named "The Caped Crustacean." 😆
  4. Greycat covered the whole subjectivity of "fun" already, so I don't need to get into that. For me, fun is from the powersets, the concept, and the gameplay. I have two candidates for my "most fun" characters. The first is my Bio/Claws Tanker. He's one of my very few "joke" characters that ended up sticking because the concept was fun and the powersets work fantastically together. He's a lobster who was created to be an unstoppable beast for a mad scientist, but it turned out he was too nice and friendly to be evil, so he ran away to Paragon and became a hero. All of his costumes are crustac
  5. Other MMO's to me felt like they were trying to make a story to go with the mechanics. Like the developers said to themselves "hmm, we need a mission that involves killing 10 of this enemy, how can we turn that into a story?" As a result, a lot of mission stories in other MMOs feels lazy and phoned-in. "Oh no, the city has a rat problem! Please, can you go kill ten giant rats and bring me their tails as proof?" Now, don't get me wrong, old City of Heroes did this too. A lot. You see this in the endless "Defeat XX Council" missions given by the release contacts. They sucked then, they suck n
  6. I will make one correction this bit about the the RWZ. You're partially correct, but the main bit you got wrong is this: While I'm here, I'll give a brief summary of the Faultline lore, because that's one of my favorite storylines in the game, and it's available as early as level 15.
  7. I don't think so. Archery has the benefit of faster animations and attacks, and isn't a massive endurance-hog like AR. Power wise they're about the same in my opinion, but you're shooting faster, which means a slight damage boost. I should probably stress I'm not a numbers guy, I don't min-max, and this is all based on my personal experience. I never had issues with my TA/Archery defender, but Assault Rifle was such a slog for me I rerolled it as a corruptor and never looked back.
  8. I know you've already decided, but for anybody else reading this, I would heartily advise against Assault Rifle on Defenders. AR has no secondary effects that can benefit from Defender values, and since you're left with straight damage at that point (most of it being lethal damage to boot) you hit about as hard as a pool noodle. I had a FF/AR Defender that I played to 35 before I eventually shelved them because even on teams I felt 100% useless, and soloing was an absolute chore. Corruptors get the benefit of scourge as well as TA's debuffs to help mitigate AR's lack of them. AR ne
  9. No, I don't just want positive feedback. I want feedback in general, which is not what I was given. If Random Man actually played my stories (which, again, I must reiterate that it is literally not possible for him to have played all of my stories in two minutes) and have me actual, real feedback, I'd be fine. This was originally just me asking if I could do anything about this. I reported it, for what it's worth, but now it's turned into a discussion on the overall effectiveness of the rating system, which I'm fine with. This issue has clearly demonstrated that the system is flaw
  10. Please go back and read my original post. This is not criticism we're talking about. Unless you're sincerely trying to make the argument that this player managed to fully play through and read three 4-5 mission long story arcs and write a review of each one in the span of sixty seconds, then we're not talking about real, genuine criticism. Like most people, I fully welcome people to play my arcs and give me feedback. If you didn't like it, tell me why, and I'll see if it's worth fixing. That is not what happened here. Let me reiterate for you the sequence of events. I p
  11. Writing this at midnight in the back of my truck, so apologies if I ramble or make lots of typos. "Fun" for me, in the context of video-games, boils down to two words: contribution, and reward. Contribution is what I'm bringing to the table. What am I doing to make the situation different? That's one of the appeals of video-games for me, is knowing that 100 different people can play the same game and have wildly-different outcomes. It's not like a ride at an amusement park, where everyone experiences the same exact thing (though don't get me wrong, I love a good roller-coaster),
  12. I'm pretty sure the "bad moral compass" comment was in regards to the arc itself. It was classified as "heroic" and the description of the story was something along the lines of "discover what it means to be a hero..." and I could definitely see what they were attempting to do, but it was poorly executed. You walk into an empty building, click some boxes (all of which had no text by the way so you don't even know why you're clicking them.) Then suddenly this kid NPC appears, says something about saving him, and then you fight yourself (???) and boom, the mission is over. That's apparently what
  13. You have literally described a review. Regardless, anybody's opinion on how exactly the system ought to be used is irrelevant to this discussion. I explained what happened for context. The point is that a player, in "revenge" for me saying unflattering things in private about their story, decided to abuse the system and 1-star all of my arcs without actually playing or even reading them. It makes no difference if I should or should not have played their arc and offered a comment (which itself is a ridiculous argument to make anyway), what matters is the response.
  14. My opinion apparently did matter, enough for them to revenge-rate all of my stories because they were upset. You're making several assumptions here yourself. If they really were "just f-ing around with the interface" then my feedback shouldn't have mattered at all to them. "It's just a test arc, of course it's going to be bad." Based on their reaction, they obviously were looking for feedback. "You srsly look for TYPOS? what is wrong with you? and if it does not make sense you.. maybe you are just having completly broken moral compass." Not sure how you can look at this respo
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