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  1. Now listen, I know what people are going to say. "But why? There's stores that sell enhancements and money is so easy to make." And yeah, I get that. But at the same time, what with all the contacts telling you what they sell when they are introduced, only to have them sell nothing but basic inspirations, and THEN having them go on to say "Look at my best enhancements!" while not actually listing any enhancements, seems just kind of silly to me. One of the things I always liked about this game was how vague the money system is. "Influence" is such a generalized term that it can be used to represent whatever you want. Maybe your character builds their own gadgets and enhancements, maybe you learn more powerful spells, maybe you're like Bruce Wayne and you do have a trillion dollars in your bank account. Or, maybe, your heroic/villainous deeds carry weight with them and your contacts offer you their gear/magic/training to help you out. I'm looking at this from both a roleplay perspective and a practical one. Newer players (and yes, new players still exist. :O) don't have the expertise to just dive right into the invention system straight away, and people like me as well who don't play the market constantly to make fat stacks still use DO's and SO's on their lower level toons until a certain point. I think it'd be neat if contacts actually sold things again, but unlike before where they were 300% base cost (which was honestly the most baffling design decision in my opinion) have them at slightly cheaper than regular store-bought enhancements. Maybe a 25% discount or so? After rolling several alts it occurred to me just how expensive store enhancements were. (Seriously, 5,000 influence for a level 5 TO Accuracy enhancement???) and how annoying it was (for me) to be sending all of my alts 1 mil in starter cash just to buy basic DO's and SO's. My first idea was just to adjust INF generation at lower levels (because honestly, if you don't play the market in this game, INF generation is an absolute joke until level 40) and maybe that does deserve to get looked at, but then I just thought "what if contacts sold enhancements again, but for cheaper than regular?" It'd be neat from both a practical and a roleplay perspective.
  2. Can we get an all Trick Arrow ITF soon? I'd be down for that. 😉
  3. I always liked the lore regarding the Rikti. The Rikti War being arguably the single most important bit of lore in the game, they obviously got a lot of screen-time and sub-plots, even trickling down into other groups like the Lost and the Hydra. The whole "Abandoned on Earth and secretly trying to subvert the country through underhanded means" was always really cool to me. Made them a much more dire and real threat to the world. In contrast, I always hated the Family, or more specifically, how they were handled. Or, perhaps even more specifically, how they weren't handled. Maybe I'm missing something, but aside from their little lore page on the website, the Family always just kind of.... existed. You saw them everywhere, they were always referenced as the premiere drug-dealers in the city, but they never had their own story arcs. No special task forces, no plot threads, no events at all. They were just there. Existing. Roughing up random NPC's on the street and not much else. The Family always struck me as some guy at the studios having just seen The Godfather and saying to themselves "hey, we should have Italian mobsters in our game," and then just throwing them in there with no real rhyme or reason to it. Why are Italian mobsters so heavily focused in one city? What's their connection to every other gang in the lore? Who is leading them? These questions and more will never be answered, and the one thing I dislike the most in stories and lore is unfinished plot threads.
  4. Just a few of mine. I've got too many alts and not enough time to screenshot them all, so I picked my favorites. Serpent Kiss, my Night Widow when not in her Arachnos uniform. Warning Shot, Trick Arrow/Archery Defender. My current favorite toon. Shatter Point, Beam Rifle/Time Blaster And finally, Mr. Info, a Mercs/Poison Mastermind.
  5. Yeah, admittedly, it is rare (thank god) but it's happening enough for me to notice it. Those two examples I posted happened within the same hour, and it happened a third time but I lost it in the combat logs before I started keeping track. I'd say it's around 1 out of every 100 Assassin's Strikes I make suffer from this glitch.
  6. So I've got two stalkers I'm playing now, and I can confirm the bug happens on both of them. One is Savage Melee, the other is Street Justice, if that helps at all. I've noticed that, on rare occasions, using Assassin's Strike from Hide will sometimes play the sound effects, play the hit effects, break hide and draw aggro, but deal no damage at all. Even stranger still, the few times when it does this, the attack doesn't even appear in the combat log, as if it never even happened. I started monitoring the combat log, and I got some examples. This is what it looks like when it works normally. I'd say 95% of my Assassin's Strikes work as intended this way. However, rarely, my assassin strike will behave as stated previously. All of the sound effects play, the visual effects play as if I successfully hit, hide will be broken and I'll draw aggro from the mob I hit, but no damage is done and the combat log shows nothing. Please note that the "Initial Strike" power is from Street Justice and is not related to the issue. In both of those examples, you see it says "You start Assassin's Strike" and then afterwards "You activated the Assassin's Strike power" but then it stops. It doesn't miss, it doesn't hit, it doesn't even exist according to the combat logs, but it draws aggro anyways. This happens on both my Savage Melee and Street Justice Stalkers. This isn't the same as a miss. When I miss, it shows in the combat logs, and hide isn't broken. This breaks hide but doesn't even appear in the logs. Again, it's as if the attack never happened according to the game, but it will draw aggro and break hide regardless.
  7. They're supposed to talk like that. Praetorian clockwork speak in coding language. It's one of their gimmicks. Translated, they're saying "If Clockwork serve Anti-Matter, and Anti-Matter serves Emperor Marcus Cole, then Clockwork serve Emperor Marcus Cole." "If the Resistance is not alive, then Praetoria is safe."
  8. Found this thread. Figure I'd give it a whirl. So I've got a character, happy with the build so far, happy with what costumes I have, but I feel like I need a little inspiration for some more. (You can never have too many costumes. ;)) He's a Savage Melee/Regen Stalker of the Mutation origin. I started him out in Praetoria, an idea for the uglier side of Cole's bright and shiny little city, a child born with lizard-like mutations which led to him being ridiculed by most during childhood (yes, he is very edgy. :P). Recruited into Power Division when he was able, but quickly went to join the Resistance as part of the Crusaders, if only to strike back at the authorities for not giving him what he feels he deserved, i.e, a decent upbringing. These are the costumes I have for him so far, and I'm looking for expansions on the current concept for filling up those extra costume slots. My only requirements are that the "lizard" motif stays (that is his origin story, after all!), so the use of the "monstrous" claws and head are highly encouraged, but not necessarily mandatory. I currently have him on Redside now, though thinking of having him become a Rogue, as a way of him realizing that not everyone is out to get him. And finally, here's the Bio I have written for him in-game. "Billy Hurr never had the chance to live a "normal" life. Even at birth, Billy was born with a mutation that left him with hardened scales and a gruesome appearance, causing his parents to abandon him shortly thereafter. He was passed around from various foster homes, his status as a mutant turning him into a violent outcast who frequently engaged in vicious altercations with his peers. All of this contributed to his grim outlook on life, and as soon as he was able, he fled from the care of his foster homes and took to the streets, finding his mutations provided excellent opportunities to take what he wanted, when he wanted. With deadly claws and an even deadlier attitude, Savage Strike has vowed vengeance on the world and any who dare to cross him." Costumes linked below. Thanks in advance!
  9. GastlyGibus

    Repel Ball!

    Just a heads up, the game has been republished and the NEW arc I.D is 21953. Enjoy!
  10. If I suddenly have to go AFK during a group or task force, just know that, 90% of the time, it's because of this little gremlin. I love him to death, but even still, he's a little monster. 😛
  11. Can't say I share the same sentiment, friend. I work the graveyard shift at my job, which means my usual playtime is early morning to early afternoon before I go to bed. On Excelsior, even during early weekday mornings, I have no issues at all with finding or starting teams. Considering how the donation goals for the servers reach their max within minutes of them being announced, I don't believe a server merge is needed at this time.
  12. What I would like to see most is a big clean-up/sprucing up of the old content, particularly on hero side. A big trimming of the endless "Defeat XX [group] in [zone]" missions and the pointless "go touch random boxes patrol the city" quests from contacts on hero-side is my main issue, and it's one of the big reasons I prefer villain-side to hero. When you play the newer content from post 2008 and then go play the old content... the age really shows. My suggestions would be to limit these contacts to their story arcs, and delegate the street-sweeps and one-off missions to the security chiefs, similar to how it works in Praetoria and the Ward zones. And while we're at it, keep the missions in the same zones. Always annoying to have a contact in Skyway who sends me on a mission to go talk to a guy in Atlas, who then tells me to go to Steel and after that go to Perez, then head back to Skyway to turn it all in. On that note, I'd also really like something to do in the hazard zones that have always been completely barren. Obviously I don't expect an unpaid volunteer team to give every hazard zone the same treatment that Faultline or the Rikti Crash Site received, but it'd be nice to have some incentive to go into these zones other than exploration badges. Maybe have some kind of daily/weekly event in these areas, having players clear street mobs until a boss appears, with merits/temporary powers as rewards. And just so I can end this post on a positive note and not sound like I'm being whiny or entitled, I do want to give a tremendous "thank you" to the folks who brought this game back after so many years and help keep it running. There truly isn't any other MMO like CoH on the market today, at least none that I've enjoyed, and being able to come back after so long has made me very, very happy. Thank you!
  13. Greetings, fellow architects. I'll keep this short and sweet. I was thinking of starting an AE review game for those of us who make our own stories via AE. The rules would be simple: play the last story posted, write a short review for said story, then share your own story that you would like reviewed. The game keeps going as long as people keep playing. I'm posing this as a question first before starting said game. If such a thread were started, would you be interested in participating? I know there's a certain desire for more actual story arcs instead of farms (and I'm not dissing on the farmers, please don't mistake this for complaining) and I wanted to do something to help encourage more creative, well, creations.
  14. I can only assume you must be joking. Because the only other reason anyone would want Defiance 1.0 back is because they hate Blasters and everybody who plays them. I have never met a single soul who didn't hate Defiance 1.0 back in live, and who also weren't worshipping the dev team when they implemented Defiance 2.0. Defiance 2.0 is a thousand times more consistent, offers much better damage overall, and doesn't reward bad gameplay like the old version.
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