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Disable Stealth Graphical Effects for yourself.

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I would like an option for players to disable the stealth effect, client side, graphics only. The actual stealth mechanics will remain the same. You will still be stealthed to other players, especially in PVP. You will be stealthed to NPCs, just like always. I am not asking for a gameplay change. 


Like many other games with a "hide helmet" option, I would like to still be able to see my own character without making a change to the gameplay or my equipped IOs or power choices. 


That's pretty much it. 


Clarifying that this will only effect your character. Other friendly players or NPCs that are supposed to appear stealth will not be affected by your settings, nor will your appearance be affected from their perspective. You are literally just disabling transparency on your character only, and only for you. 

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I probably wouldn't use it, but as an *option* as described, sure, why not.

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Whether I used it or not would probably vary by character... for my Stalkers, I want to SEE the moment that Hide kicks in, either from ATO proc or by having not been hit for long enough. 


But I hate looking cloaked on my EM/EA Brute. Seriously considering spec'ing out of Energy Cloak, despite it's Defense bonus, just because of the look.

Most of my characters fall into the "rather not look stealthed" bucket, but probably a few others I need to *KNOW* at glance, without flicking my eyes up to a status indicator.


Still. As proposed?  Character-by-Character YN option?  I'm seeing all upside, no downside.  Make It So!

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