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Chance for Fiery Orb-worth it?


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It's a nice little proc for an aoe power that recharges under less than a minute and has a bunch of targets it can affect like an aoe immobilize or terrify.  Since it'll only spawn one orb at a time the more targets u have the better odds it'll spawn so there's no real bother to having it in a longer recharging power.  


I do find it kind of taunts some of the targets off of me a bit so the little guy is a welcome addition.  


The orb and the set are 3 slotted into my Terrify for the hp buff.  If you're low on slots and need a decent little ability for like an aoe immob it's an okay pet, he could be better mind you but it's not too bad.  

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5 hours ago, oedipus_tex said:

Although I am not sure and am basing this on nothing, I'm tempted to guess it would work well in Volcanic Gasses for the same reason procs work so well in Carrion Creepers. I have not tested it to see and could be dead wrong. 


It only procs off things cast by the Dom, so you'd only get it on the first cast of Gases, which means you ain't getting 3. AoE immob and Cone Fears are good spots for it though. But if you run short on slots and need an extra one... well, it can be the first to go lol

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I also like it in AoE powers like Fissure, that you really want to spam on their own. While you can get multiple out with AoE Immobs, most of the Immobs aren't worth spamming except for the Orb.

Exceptions: Electric AoE Immob, for End Drain. Dark, for -ToHit. Plant since it actually does damage. In theory, Ice could be cool (heh) for the -Recharge, but Ice rarely has the Endurance to spare for that. So that's really 3 sets where it makes sense to use it in the AoE Immob.

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