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Not really a "bug," but not sure where else to put this.


In the character creation origin select screen, it still says you can "Start the game as one of the 10 basic archetypes." Which is no longer true, as you can start as a Kheld or VEAT, unless you're in Praetoria (which has its own button to pick anyway.)

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My memory is probably a bit out dated, but don't you still have to unlock them by hitting 50?

I just tested on both accounts (one has never had an alt above 10) and all of the EATs are available. Unless you're just talking about the wording? I didn't check that and it's probably a hold-over from Live.


Edit: I see what you're talking about. Yeah, that's either an image or a text file that could be edited I'm betting.

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Not to mention the existence of Sentinels bringing the number of "basic archetypes" up to 11, anyway.


There are several instances of the SCoRE or Homecoming devs changing something mechanically, but not reflecting it in the game's text. E.g., simultaneous-click glowies no longer exist, but the prompts in the nav bar don't reflect that (I've seen newbies get confused by this on the Penelope Yin Task Force). I would love an organized attempt to correct all these tiny errors, but that seems like a very large undertaking for an issue that only bothers those of us with OCD.

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