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Stone Armor revamp?


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I could be wrong, but as I understand it, no. Not the way the power works now anyway.

Granite doesn't slap armor over the character, but rather it replaces your model with a new one, best bet for customized granite looks would be offering multiple mutually exclusive picks for granite each with a different graphic (ie can pick either crystal titan version, standard stone, mud, lava, et cettera).

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4 hours ago, kelika2 said:

remove -spd and make the fire/cold toggle a +def instead of resist

That's a completely different subject. He's talking about Granite Armor specifically.

As to the topic, I would suggest getting rid of the -Speed as said above, but also give it a minimal effects option to just get rid of the look all together and replace it with some type of rocky crumble aura instead.

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