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NEVERMIND - Scrapper Energy Melee Bone Smasher not stunning?

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I'm using Scrapper Energy Melee as a lowbie.  I do NOT have Total Focus yet and so no guaranteed stun.


Bonesmasher is suspposed to have a 60% chance to stun (per the detailed info) when not used with Energy Focus.  I noticed it didn't seem that reliable, so I started watching.  In my last several fights, I've used Bone Smasher at least 10 times, against minions and lts (both should be stunned by one application, it's mag 3), and have not seen it proc its stun so far.  This seems wildly unlikely if it's just RNG bullshit, so I'm posting here.


EDIT:  Update:  I have combat log turned on, and I did just stun someone with my bone smasher, so it's not 0% rate.  So far, it still seems massively under 60%, though I suppose RNG shenanigans are possisble.


EDIT2:  Do Arachnos have some stun resistance?  I once again got the "you stunned Arachnos Kidnapper with your bone smasher," in the combat log, but he wasn't actually stunned.  He's an lt, so rank shouldn't do it.


EDIT3:  Okay, nevermind, sorry for the report.  I think it was some combination of attacking a mix of enemies who have some higher-mag stun protection and getting mildly unlucky with stuns on other enemies in the mix.  Now that I'm fighting different enemies and watching the log, I see about the correct proc rate for the stun.

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