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What's faster? SR vs Ninjitsu


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I assume you refer to the Scrapper version of Ninjutsu (or maybe the Sentinel version?).


Ninjitsu's run speed bonus is +85%, Super Reflex's run speed bonus is +35%.


There is a bigger difference between these powersets than just run speed but if you are just trying to get a run speed character going, then ninjitsu is the way!

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15 minutes ago, DrBasics said:

if you are just trying to get a run speed character going, then ninjitsu is the way!

Widows are a good choice for going with run speed.

My widow currently runs at around 72 mph with Sprint and Ninja Run going. (She's not even level 50 yet)

That's with no added slots to Sprint or Swift or Mental Training.

Granted I do have a few +run speed bonuses from sets.

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Since @KilluhFrost specifically said movement speed, the answer is definitely the scrapper/sentinel Ninjitsu Shinobi-Iri power.  It significantly enhances run speed, jump speed, and jump height.  It also provides stealth and minor defense(all).


Compare with the Super Reflexes Quickness power.  (I think it is the same for anyone who can take SR.)  It's movement buff are moderate run and fly speed improvements. It also lacks the stealth and defense.  However, it does also offer an always-on 20% recharge buff, which none of the Shinobis do as well as resistance to being slowed (caltrops?  who cares??). 


The outlier is the blaster Ninja Training Shinobi power.  It's quick description is bugged in-game, saying it offers enhanced movement speed.  It does not.  It does offer the same stealth and minor defense of the scrapper/sentinel power though.  Substituting in for enhanced movement is enhanced toHit and damage, both always-on.  A little of each is available all the time, and once every 30 seconds, and while stealthed, it offers massive toHit and damage bonuses, sort of like an extra crit.


I like all of these powers and am glad for the variety.  IMO they are pretty well balanced in a dynamic fashion -- not samo-samo, but all pretty darn nice.


Um, after a little checking, let me modify that.  Equivalent to Quickness is the Electric Armor Lightning Reflexes power.   They may be different but according to Mids they are the same power with different names.  Since I like Quickness I also like Lightning Reflexes.

-- Rock

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They did; I didn't see the latest update until after I made this post.   It looks like the reversion may be temporary though, so taking Ninjitsu now with the expectation that Shinobi-Iri will have good movement speed may not play out long term.



Movement Buffs

  • This change has been reverted
  • This will be looked at again in the future, potentially Page 2, as we look into proliferating Ninjitsu
  • The following travel powers will suppress Primary/Secondary equivalent power travel buffs:
    • Jump_CombatJump.png.a160a263e44d63bc2fcdbf62d38c81e2.png Pool > Leaping > Combat Jumping
    • Jump_LongJump.png.6b020dfc18386ba6566d3f0badbc8e89.png Pool > Leaping > Super Jump
    • ForceofWill_MightyLeap.png.87eed40e33b37938ffc5644069cfdb51.png Pool > Force of Will > Mighty Leap
    • SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png.4f9dcffbf97e96335f05897c8568815f.png Pool > Speed > Super Speed
    • Experimentation_SpeedofSound.png.3e140116f13135d86b2f1cfb5f117a29.png Pool > Experimentation > Speed of Sound
    • Inherent_NinjaRun.png.4397e15de17ae71110e6e5e12d87c4cf.png Prestige Travel > Ninja Run
    • Inherent_BeastRun.png.f3b1803fe72afc29398932c473ca2e02.png Prestige Travel > Beast Run
    • Inherent_AthleticRun.png.7b69ff39f84cadbbd7e613d65a27af3e.png Prestige Travel > Athletic Run
  • Primary/Secondary powers impacted by this:
    • Ninjitsu_Run.png.634f535aaa2d582038a0a89d5622952d.png Scrapper Defence > Ninjitsu > Shinobi-Iri
    • Ninjitsu_Run.png.634f535aaa2d582038a0a89d5622952d.png Sentinel Defence > Ninjitsu > Shinobi-Iri
    • NinjaTools_Assassin.png.50ddb59179d9fadb8264b97b10275495.png Blaster Support > Ninja Training > Shinobi-Iri
    • tacticalarrow_quickness.png.44daf1fa7ac354a4f37fe6e7a9adc6cd.png Blaster Support > Tactical Arrow > Gymnastics


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