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Preventive Medicine Proc


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The funny thing about the Preventive Medicine special IO, despite its name "Absorb Proc", is it isn't a proc, it's a global.  It doesn't need the power to be activated to work, which true procs require, as I often put it in powers like Sorcery's Spirit Ward that I don't use solo, yet the IO still works.




This enhancement adds a chance to grant an absorption barrier every 5 seconds. If current health is between 31% and 75% of max health, there is a 10% chance the effect will trigger. If current health is less than 31% of max health, there is a 100% chance the effect will trigger. The effect can only trigger once every 90 seconds.


I think the confusion comes from its global benefit being to provide a power that procs every 5 seconds with the above conditions to provide its absorb barrier.

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11 hours ago, Generator said:

Proc, global, Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo, whatever you call the piece, we all knew what I was talking about.  😁

Ah, but special IOs behave differently whether they're a  Proc or a Global.



Globals are like IO set bonuses.  The power doesn't need to be activated to receive the IO's special bonus.  The power can even be unavailable due to being exemplared more than 5 Levels below the Level at which the power was added to the build.  But if exemplared more than 3 Levels below that of the IO, the benefit of the Global isn't available.


If the IO is a pure Global, like the Preventive Medicine special IO, it's best to have an IO at its lowest Level, in this case 20, so it's available for as deep an exemplar as possible, that minimum Level less 3.


If the IO is a Global with another aspect that scales up with Level, like the Luck of the Gambler special IO (Global +7.5% Recharge Reduction buff + Defense enhancement ) or the Steadfast Protection special IO (Global +3% Defense + Resist Damage enhancement), it's best to get them as an Attuned Enhancement, so they scale with the toon's Combat Level.


The bonus will be available from -3 Levels below the IO's minimum Level and up, while the other enhancement aspect will scale up to the IO's maximum level.


Procs are a procedure that has a chance to occur ever time the power the IO is slotted into is used.  So, if the power is unavailable (exemplared more than 5 levels below that at which the power was added to the build), the benefit of the proc is unavailable.  If the power is available and can be activated, the proc is checked, no matter the level of the IO.  So a toon with a L50 Proc120s like Celerity: Stealth can slot it in Sprint and even if exemplared down to Level 1 (as happens in a special mission), they will still be able to activate Sprint and thus gain its benefit.


There are Procs with other aspects, example the one in the Summer Blockbuster special Enhancement Set, Overwhelming Force,, which are natively Attuned.  The special IO also has a Damage enhancement aspect.



Recent added IO sets with special IOs often have another enhancement aspect, so they're like the Luck of the Gambler, best to have Attuned.  This list isn't quite updated with all the special IOs, but it has a lot of them.



NOTE: PvP and Purple IO sets keep their IO set bonuses no matter what Level the toon is exemplared to.  And I think all their special IOs are true Procs without other aspects.  So for PvP IOs, the special IOs should be at the lowest Level, 10, just to allow them to be slotted as soon as possible.  Once a toon is 47, the  PvP IOs should be Level 50 and if wanted, can be boosted up to +5.  Same applies to Purple IOs, the specials are procs, the other IOs can be boosted up to +5 without restricting their function while exemplared.

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19 hours ago, Hardship said:

Usually when it procs, I'm about to die, so I use it as an indicator that I need to pay more attention. I like that it is red, because it grabs my attention.

I find the red text useful for the same reason.  Of course, then every so often it goes off at the top of its range and scares the hell out of me.

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