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Suggestion: Allow for Zone music overwriting in the Options Menu

Monos King

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Currently, neighborhood music does not play upon logging into or zoning into a new zone. This much is a bug which really needs to be fixed, but it would also be nice if there were an option to allow for one regions music to overwrite the currently playing song if you so desire. This is how the music actually used to work, but it was changed sometime at around 2009 or so. I always get quite displeased when in RWZ I want to the epic rock 'The Crash Site' theme, but instead I am stuck still hearing that 'Sunken Road' or wherever else I finished zooming from. 


It would be nice if you could enable overwrite when you want it.

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+1 for noticing the bug as there are some like me that probably never payed attention enough to it (or played on mute) to know it Was bugged. I'd post in the Bug forum though if you haven't already.


As for your other bit, I'd suggest a couple things (and making a post for them in the right clubs):

  • For the Devs
    • If possible, create a new option, perhaps attached to the Map as a popup, where we basically get a "Radio Station" style menu that allows the user to dynamically select music at the Zone/Neighborhood level for play anywhere
  • For the Modders
    • Create a mod that allows the user to fully customize the zone music selections
    • The mod would need to retain an original copy of the "master tracks" for resetting zones
    • Perhaps include a playlist style option for those who may want to load different music for different Alts
    • Furthermore, perhaps as a separate mod, include the option to take a user's offline music library and incorporate it into the above mod request
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