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Add Range to Hamidon Enhancements


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I been thinking about the Beta patch and travel powers.  Teleport may or may not be more widely used.  Microfilaments lack +Range, but they are expensive enough as it is and heres a few other ideas:


Golgi.  The +Range may help those single target heals, but more than likely not.

Enzyme.  +Range might something or-

When I had this idea I thought there were more hamis to work with but no, just 3.

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Ask and you shall receive, I just hot fixed this oversight across all the servers so now there's a Hami Origin enhancement called a Centriole that boosts Damage and Range.


That said I'd support interest in +range in a microfilament, but I'd like to gauge other interest before I use my omnipotence to make it happen.


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