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Ranged Damage IO Sets - Lack of Range

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In the ranged damage IO sets, there is a distinct lack of +Range enhancements.  In fact, the only two I can find are Damage/Range in Far Strike, and Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Range in Salvo.  Both those sets top out at L25.  Is there a way we can get a range-specific set that goes to level 50 (call it Longshot or something similar)?

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Proposed Ranged Damage IO Set:  Longshot (30-50) - Rare

* Accuracy/Damage

* Accuracy/Damage/Range

* Accuracy/Range/Recharge

* Damage/Range

* Damage/Range/Recharge

* Damage/Endurance/Range


Set Bonuses:

* 2-slot - Movement +4.5%

* 3-slot - Recovery +2%

* 4-slot - Accuracy +7%

* 5-slot - Ranged defense +2.5%

* 6-slot - Increase range by 5%, AoE defense +2.5%

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