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Project S.H.F. a.k.a. "SOLO" Hamidon Farming now declassified!


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Data for Project S.H.F. as follows:


After much investigation/experimentation trial and error I have discovered and refined a process
for Solo Hamidon Farming.


This process isn't exactly easy, but with refinement the process has been streamlined and
successfully completed with ALL the Archetypes. Some easier then others, of course.


Things needed for main badge farmer:

1. L50+


2. Lore pets, longbow or BP, T3 or T4


3. Hybrid T3 or T4 though further refinements show hybrid may not be as needed but good to have


4. red inspirations of any kind


5. ultimate inspiration is optional, not really needed


6. A drone on a second account on a second PC that is a TANK, preferably granite rooted with self teleportation and taunt.
The rooted power prevents knock-back and stun which are vital when hamidon starts blasting.

Note: if your badge-hunter is a brute or a tank or a Peacebringer/Warshade that can use Dwarf mode then a tank drone isn't really needed.  For the other AT's,  use a tank drone.


7. A drone on a third account, on a third PC with Gravity power set and a fully slotted WORMHOLE power!!!
This is a mandatory power to perform this farm, no other teleportation power will work on Hamidon.
This has been quintuple checked and verified. No wormhole = no farm

Also I checked and confirmed that wormhole is working as designed on this mission.


8. essence of the Earth inspirations for main badge hunter and drone tank, easily bought on the A.H.
These are of course, mandatory


9. Wakes and break frees for the gravity toon, EoE wont shield it much when the time comes to wormhole Hami.


10, any temp power that spawns an attack pet, such as build snowman, shivan shard, amy's ward, kight errant, etc.

Special notation: having the temp power to summon a signature hero will greatly enhance the destruction of the Hami. Remember, Hami will be warped away from the Mitos, he is easily destroyed.

It is recommended that the drone tank and main badger each summon a signature character.
Statesman, B.A.B., Positron all highly recommended, but each character can only summon one at a time each.
So both could summon Positron for example.


Signature summon pets greatly reduce the need for reds and hybrid


Be sure to have gone through the above steps.


Procedure for farm is as follows:

1. Form team with main badger as lead and then the two drones. Leave drones parked near door to mission 4


2. Difficulty at +0 or -1, team size leave at 1.


3. Play through Missions 1, 2 and 3 of LGTF.

Standard strategies for the missions, fail mission 1 and 3 to speed things along.


4. All toons enter mission 4.


Mission 4 Solo Hami Farm steps.


1. All pylons must be removed, you can either destroy them one by one or use wormhole and warp them
far away from Hamidon. If they are taken far enough away, the pylon beam shuts off.  I have found it to be
quicker to just blow them up. 


2. do not wipe out the rikti, ignore them. Just get rid of the pylons.


3. Once pylons are down, park badger and tank drone behind some rocks.


4. Gravity drone enters the goo, targets Hamidon and starts using Wormhole.
First Wormhole takes it to edge of goo field.
Second wormhole removes it from the goo field, however the goo field will reform around hamidon in a few minutes.
Now, use more wormholes to send Hami towards the rocks near where other toons are parked. This puts hamidon out of range of the yellow mitos so they wont attack when you attack Hamidon. Also place Hamidon in such a way that a group of Rikti is in visual range of the fight, but not aggro'd to attack Hami.
See below data on Hami bud spawn


5. Spawn all available attack pets, drone tank goes into granite/rooted, uses an EoE, sets taunt to auto, teleports near hami and targets it for taunts. Monitor drone and use more EoE as needed.  Once Hami is taunted, main badger uses an EoE and moves in with all their pets spawned.


6. With signature summon pets adding their awesome power, Hamidon should drop very fast. I have destroyed hami in only a couple of minutes to as fast as 30 seconds this way. (2 positrons blasting Hami is great!)


Keep all pets and characters where Hami explodes also move gravity drone in as well to be near explosion.
Hamibuds will spawn after Hami has exploded and should be right where you are standing, along with some near Rikti group that was left in visual range. Destroy all hami buds! 100 needed for Buddy badge.


Note: blowing up Hami like this and harvesting the buds while any mitos are left intact does NOT END THE MISSION
Once buds are all wiped out, all toons log out with main badger being last out and first one back in
(this helps to ensure mission resets)


Repeat above steps for mission 4 until badge dings.



See below for data on Hami bud spawns:

1. They spawn after Hami is destroyed, destroying Mitos not required and will keep mission from ending.


2. team size setting does NOT AFFECT hami bud spawn rate. This has been quintuple checked.


3. What DOES affect Hami bud spawn rates is how many "threats" to Hamidon are nearby when it explodes.
"threats" are: player characters, their attack pets, and nearby Rikti.  The more pets and nearby Rikti the better. Players that are defeated before Hami exploded and have not revived do not affect spawn rate.


4. Hami Bud spawn amount is always random but the more "threats" as noted above will help increase
chance of more buds. The most I have had spawn has been 16.


5. Buds that spawn near the Rikti should be eliminated first, they will likely take down the Rikti
but it is good to take this group of buds first then move back to where Hami exploded and wipe out
remaining buds.


Note: when Hami is taken out of the goo field, the goo field will reform around in it in a short time.

Here are links to classic paragonwiki that show the temp powers that spawn attack pets and how to get them.



https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Warwolf_Whistle (obtained from Peebles in Striga Arc #3)












Now imagine for a moment how many Buds you MIGHT get if you had a team of either 8 controllers or 8 masterminds with all their regular pets spawned, plus lore pets, plus all the temp power attack pets...........................



Addendum: don't bother trying to wormhole or use any other teleport power on the Mitos.  Also a reminder: the pylons have to be taken down or you cannot wormhole the Hamidon.

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25 alts with all the badges!

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Well I'm impressed...............  

...and that wont last long.

"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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Oh man I had every intention of testing this some time ago, but ended up getting the Buddy badge organically. Great find and thanks for sharing. It doesn't sound like an exploit to me either, since it has so much set up and you're using the game mechanics the way they were meant to be used (just solo via three accounts). 


Nice write up!

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7 minutes ago, Glacier Peak said:

Oh man I had every intention of testing this some time ago, but ended up getting the Buddy badge organically. Great find and thanks for sharing. It doesn't sound like an exploit to me either, since it has so much set up and you're using the game mechanics the way they were meant to be used (just solo via three accounts). 


Nice write up!


Thanks!   I did ask about wormhole, it is working as intended.   Once upon a time on live, wormhole did warp the Mitos, but the devs changed that. I think at the time wormhole also worked in Hami raids but I cannot recall for sure.



25 alts with all the badges!

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