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Looking for one exact track from game's soundtrack


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Hello, people.

Sorry for such a stupid request, but does anyone know where to find a track which playing during "Defeat Veles" mission (the name of this mission is "The Lords of Death - Finale: Dance With Death". I'm aware that this particular mission step takes place in Royal Refinery (and it's neighborhood is King's Row), but couldn't find anything like this track among soundtracks related to this locations. I digged through game's resources (everything related to "music"), but again - no luck so far.

To be more specific, i'm attaching a video from YouTube with the scene where this track are playing.
YouTube link

Your help is trully highly appreciated.

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Here you go: SkullsRaveMusic_loop.ogg


It's on the wiki but not linked to any pages, I'll add some links to it so it's easier to find. And it is a pretty bangin' track!

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