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Exploration badge and history plaque coordinates dataset

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In the process of updating some of my other mods, I had need of highly accurate coordinates for all the exploration badges and history plaques in the game. I have made this dataset available in the attached semicolon-delimited text file, and anyone that wishes to use this data in their own mod may feel free to do so. The file is structured as follows:


  1. First column: Zone name
  2. Second column: badge/plaque marker as depicted on the most current vidiotmap for that zone. Badges are denoted as 'B' and plaques are denoted as 'P'
  3. Third column: Badge/plaque name, including any male/female/hero/villain/praetorian variants
  4. Fourth column: X value denoting position along east-west axis (see the Coordinates wiki page for more detailed explanation of in-game coordinate notation)
  5. Fifth column: Y value denoting position along vertical axis (see the Coordinates wiki page for more detailed explanation of in-game coordinate notation)
  6. Sixth column: Z value denoting position along north-south axis (see the Coordinates wiki page for more detailed explanation of in-game coordinate notation)


The values in the fourth, fifth, and six columns can be used in that respective order to make the X, Y, Z coordinate triplet needed for the thumbtack command. While I won't claim that the data is 100% accurate and correct, I have tested it twice and have strong confidence in its accuracy. This data is intended to be used for locating exploration badge and history plaque markers, and use of this data outside of this intended purpose is done at the user's risk.


I've also attached a couple of example screenshots showing the expected accuracy of each set of coordinates, which I measured to within a hundredth of a foot. Badge coordinates reference off the top of the center of the badge marker, and plaque coordinates reference off the center of the face of the plaque. The lone exception is the locations for the River Rat badge, which do not have physical badge markers. However, travelling to the coordinates provided for each River Rat location should be sufficient to increment the counter for the River Rat badge.


badge_nav.jpg.b90c286f82693a7d0f73622010cfa85a.jpg plaque_nav.jpg.122b516824db2ec04828b851370ee60d.jpg


If anyone finds that any of the coordinates are in error, please let me know.




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Update dataset for i27p3
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One caveat, exploration badge award coords can be different from the visible plaque coords. So far, I've only seen any differences in Praetorian zones: Ambitious, Citizen Cole, Guardians of Justice, Tiberian Overseer.


In normal play, this doesn't matter. The visible plaque is within the award radius, just not at the center. But depending on the application, this might be something to keep in mind.


Edit: Most extreme example, you don't get Citizen Cole badge where I'm standing. The badge award is centered on the pool, not the plaque.


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Thanks for the info. Locating the center of the badge award radius was not within the scope of my data collection endeavor. While I would never guarantee that my data is 100% accurate, I did test it twice and noted that each badge was successfully awarded by travelling to the coordinates that I surveyed. That includes the four badges you mentioned (Ambitious, Citizen Cole, Guardians of Justice, Tiberian Overseer), which I tested again last night.


This data is intended to be used for locating exploration badge and history plaque markers. For the purposes of the various mods that I have made using this data, I've found it suitable that each badge awards at the coordinates I surveyed. That being said, users of this data do so at their own risk, especially if it is being used for purposes other than that which I intended. I've added a disclaimer to that effect to my top post.

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