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Optimal badge/plaque collection path popmenu

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For background on this project, check out my optimal collection path maps thread.


This popmenu allows the user to load sets of zone-specific rolling keybinds that utilize the new /thumbtack command to place a thumbtack/navigation marker sequentially at each badge/plaque within the zone. The sequence is dictated by the optimal collection path, and the user can choose the direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) in which they wish to travel.


This popmenu may seem a little awkward at first, because it requires the user to press 'Enter' twice to send a pre-populated chat command to load the binds for a given zone (see Use instructions below for more details). However, after a few zones I found that using the menu became much easier.


I've now tested the menu twice (once with approximate locations, and again once I had obtained more accurate locations) but I won't claim that it is totally free from bugs. If anyone notices any bugs or erroneous locations, or if there are any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!






The menu file (attached as tspmenu.mnu) should be placed in:


<CoH Root Folder>\data\texts\English\menus





The bind files, contained within the attached binds.zip file, should be saved in a location dependent on the launcher used.





Users of the HC Launcher should place the contents of the zip file in:


<CoH Root Folder>\settings\live


Users of Tequila should place the contents of the zip file in:


<CoH Root Folder>\data.


Users of other launchers should place the contents of the zip file in whichever folder their launcher normally uses for keybinds. 




The menu can be accessed in-game using one of the following methods:


from chat: /popmenu tspmenu
via keybind: /bind <your_key> "popmenu tspmenu"
via macro: /macro <macro_name> "popmenu tspmenu"


The popmenu is organized by Zone Type > Zone Name > Badge/Plaque (see screenshot above). Badges/plaques are listed by their VidiotMap marker type (B for badge, P for plaque) and number, with the badge/plaque name in parentheses. The basic idea is to use the popmenu to choose the initial badge/plaque, travel to that badge/plaque, then use the keybinds (which are the left bracket '[' and right bracket ']' keys) to cycle through the remaining badges/plaques in the zone.


Ideally the intial badge/plaque chosen will be the one nearest the player's current location. Users of VidiotMaps can refer to the in-game map for the nearest badge/plaque marker and choose the corresponding badge/plaque from the popmenu. Those without VidiotMaps can simply choose any badge and cycle through them with the keybinds to find the nearest.


Unfortunately, binds can't be loaded directly from popmenus, so choosing a badge from the popmenu will:

  1. Set a thumbtack for that badge
  2. Populate the chat bar with the appropriate command to load the bind files


The user will need to press Enter once or twice after choosing the badge from the popmenu to send the command to load the binds.


Once the binds are loaded, the user can use the keys below to cycle through the badges/plaques for that zone:


Left bracket key [ - Cycles counterclockwise

Right bracket key ] - Cycles clockwise




Navigation waypoints in Mercy Island and Port Oakes sometimes don't work as intended, whether placed via the thumbtack command or placed manually by clicking on the in-game map. This is a known issue but not likely to be fixed as far as I know. More information can be found in this post. I have added bug warnings to the sub-menus for Mercy Island and Port Oakes regarding this bug. The bug only affects the navigation waypoints, and only in certain parts of these zones. The thumbtack on the mini-map will always appear in the correct position.


For badges inside buildings, the nav marker will lead the player to the door of the building and once the building is entered, the nav marker will lead the player to the badge.


Some badges are located in underground areas, and the player will need to find the entrance to these underground areas to gain access to the badge.


Badge and plaque locations were individually 'surveyed' in-game using the /thumbtack command, and each one was re-visited to check for accuracy. There is still a chance, however small, that one or more locations is in error. Please report any location errors to me in this thread or via PM so that I may correct them.


If anyone knows of a better means of solving the problem of bind files not loading directly from popmenus, please let me know.


Edited by AboveTheChemist
Added Cimerora, adjusted location of Vision of Ambition in Cimerora
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I manually collected highly accurate coordinates for all exploration badges and history plaques. I also re-ran my optimal path scripts to check for any route changes due to the more accurate coordinate data, and the routes for Brickstown, Founders' Falls, and Nova Praetoria did change slightly. I have updated the install files with the more accurate coordinates and the updated paths for those three routes that changed. Barring any other minor bugs/errors I think this popmenu is complete and ready for when i27p2 goes live.

Edited by AboveTheChemist
minor wording changes for clarity
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  • AboveTheChemist changed the title to Optimal badge/plaque collection path popmenu

Now that Issue 27 Page 2 is live, this popmenu should work on the Live servers. Installation and use instructions are in the top post. If anyone notices any errors in thumbtack locations, please let me know.

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37 minutes ago, odingrey said:

This is great!  Thanks for the work.  I think the install instructions for HC need to be updated to in /live instead of /beta

Thanks for the kind words, and for catching that. I've updated the top post accordingly.

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I had to go through and do a search/replace to add "./" to the beginning of each of the paths in these files in order for them to work right for me.  I placed them in the correct folder of the Tequila install (C:\Tequila\binds\tsp\atlas_park\pt_0.txt for example) but if I tried to use the bind_load_silent commands as they were written in the files it would not load the next keybind file.  So I replaced all instances of "silent binds" with "silent ./binds" and it appears to be working for me now.

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1 hour ago, Monsoon said:

I had to go through and do a search/replace to add "./" to the beginning of each of the paths in these files in order for them to work right for me.

Interesting, it should not have needed the './' to work properly. I wonder if my instructions indicate the wrong folder for Tequila. I left Tequila in the dust as soon as the HC Launcher came out so my memory may have failed me there. Looking back at an archive copy of my Tequila install, it looks like the zip file contents might actually need to go in <CoH Root Folder>\data. I don't have a way to test it to be sure, but I think what I am seeing in my archive Tequila install is correct. I'll update the instructions. Thanks for letting me know!

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I've updated the popmenu to include the new badges in Cimerora. The updated files are available in the top post.


Edit 01-Dec-2021: I uploaded new mod files to account for the slight adjustment to the position of the Vision of Ambition badge in Cimerora.

Edited by AboveTheChemist
updated 01-Dec-2021
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