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  1. Michiyo posted at 2:15 eastern on Discord that the HC wiki would be down "for a bit" while some hardware was being installed on the server.
  2. Thank you for the info, Voltor. I'll add that an updated vidiotmap was published on June 2 (the day the patch went live), so users in need of a replacement for their in-game Kings Row vidiotmap (along with several other maps that have been recently updated) can click that link. The HC wiki page for the Paladin Construction event has also been thoroughly updated to reflect the best currently available information for the event.
  3. I've added animate GIFs for the following i25 emotes: Cameraphone Despair DoubleFacepalm LieDown LookUp Shocked SLRCamera Smartphone Text WalkieTalkie and for the following costume change emotes: CCLightMagic CCRainbow That should cover all the emotes that were missing animations. If I missed one, or if one of the ones I uploaded is incorrect, please let me know!
  4. I am not sure I can definitively answer your question, but I found this in my logs (and I did verify these were from the same character): 2019-09-21 15:35:48 Your combat improves to level 25! Seek a trainer to further your abilities. 2019-09-21 16:25:49 You recovered Stephanie's ring. 2019-09-21 16:25:49 You received 25 reward merits. 2019-09-21 16:26:10 You received Wedding Band. So, my character was level 25 when he received the Wedding Band temp power. Given the time that has passed, I cannot remember if I had actually trained him to 25 by the time he completed the arc
  5. I'll put together a quick prototype tonight, take some screenshots, and send you a PM.
  6. This is a great idea, and quite cleverly implemented. I think it would translate well to a popmenu, including a progress tracker. If that is of interest just let me know, I am happy to help and could even work up a quick prototype. One minor editorial note: Item 3 in Founders' Falls appears to be missing the symbol indicating whether it is a badge or a plaque.
  7. To follow up on my previous post, I logged into Kings Row on Brainstorm over lunch and the spawn site near the tram became active (along with the SW spawn site). I waited for Paladin to form, then took the scenic route to the destination point in High Park, making sure to steer well clear of the AE building. Several minutes later both Paladins arrived safely at their destination. EDIT: To summarize my observations: In once instance, I followed the completed Paladin from the spawn point nearest the tram (312 yds due south of the tram to be exact), wherein Paladin ran dire
  8. His wiki page should have all the answers you seek. To find him, go to Pocket D and enter this command into the chat bar: /thumbtack -168 12 -864 That will place a thumbtack that should lead you right to him.
  9. The event has been reverted to the older Paladin Construction event that ran pre-shutdown. The info at that wiki link has been updated recently and should have the necessary details.
  10. I have updated the CoH Zone Maps as follows: updated Perez Park map as detailed in this post updated Abandoned Sewer Network map as detailed in this post updated Pocket D and Kings Row maps and added Echo Plaza map as detailed in this post I also added and removed a few files so I recommend deleting all the files from the old CoH Zone Maps installation and replacing them with the new files from the zip archive I have updated the CoH TSP Maps as follows: updated all maps such that, in most cases, existing map symbols will no longer be obscured by connecting lin
  11. I logged into Kings Row on Brainstorm earlier today and the spawn near the tram became active. I waited for Paladin to form and followed him, and he ran right under the tram then right under the AE building and was zapped, just as Apparition initially described. I don't have a firm grasp of how spawns work in the game, but it makes me wonder if spawn points aren't populated until a player is nearby. If that is the case, then perhaps the instances I saw earlier where Paladin clearly made it past the AE building were because no one had been near the AE building to spawn in the drones. If I catch
  12. I've published what is essentially a complete overhaul of this mod. The most important change is the implementation of the fix that permits these maps to display properly regardless of the user's world texture quality setting. This fix took a little longer than anticipated because it involved a complete overhaul of my map production process, the efficiency of which should be greatly improved going forward. The other major change users will notice is that, in most cases, existing VidiotMap text/symbols are no longer obscured by the connecting lines or badge/plaque halos. There were
  13. I've published a minor update to include the Rainbow and LightMagic costume change emotes, and to update some inconsistencies in capitalization. The update file is available in the post immediately above, and on the CoH Modder tool.
  14. I am not sure I see a clear path for accomplishing that. The two commands I could find for giving inspirations to pets are Inspexec_pet_name and Inspexec_pet_target, but both those require you to input the inspiration by name, not by position in the inspiration tray. There may be another command out there that allows you to specify inspirations by position and feed them to pets, but I couldn't find it on the wiki or in the references I had. I have never played a MM before, though, so perhaps someone more familiar with MMs has more insight.
  15. I've been periodically checking the event on Brainstorm and have seen at least three four instances where the Paladin that spawns near the tram has made it up to High Park. I have seen some of the clockwork entourage from that spawn location path by the AE building and get zapped, but I have not personally witnessed Paladin during the trek up to High Park. Every time I get there Paladin has already made it to High Park. So it's possible that Paladin did path by the AE building but the drones were too busy zapping the entourage, allowing Paladin to escape. It's also possible that at least one o
  16. Enjoy! https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Costume_Emote_CCRainbow This was my first stab at making a GIF, and it lost a little quality in translation from screenshots to GIF, but from what I have read there may be nothing I can do about that given the GIF format limitations. I used GIMP to animate it, and if anyone has any pointers for potentially making it a bit higher image quality I am all ears. If I can get it to a higher quality state I will upload a new version. My basic process was: Dump screenshots (JPG format) from demo playback Select range of sc
  17. It looks like either the Inspexec_tray or Inspexec_slot commands will accomplish that objective. So your macro command might look like /macro <macro_name> "inspexec_slot <column_number>" where you supply the macro name and the column number you want to pull from. The wiki links above have more details about how to use the commands.
  18. Interesting, it should not have needed the './' to work properly. I wonder if my instructions indicate the wrong folder for Tequila. I left Tequila in the dust as soon as the HC Launcher came out so my memory may have failed me there. Looking back at an archive copy of my Tequila install, it looks like the zip file contents might actually need to go in <CoH Root Folder>\data. I don't have a way to test it to be sure, but I think what I am seeing in my archive Tequila install is correct. I'll update the instructions. Thanks for letting me know!
  19. I could probably knock enough rust off my demorecord skills to be able to make one of Ghost Widow doing the emote. Turning it into a GIF for the wiki is an entirely different matter, though. And actually I just found this which may make the process easier: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Talk:Emotes/Animation_Cohdemo If there are other emotes missing from the page, it's because I am not aware of them. I gave the page a few good goings-over last fall and added all the emotes I knew about.
  20. I agree that the triplet should be x, y, z, even if the axes those letters represent in-game are different from what those axes typically represent in real-world applications. I do GIS work for a surveyor, so they way the game handles the x, y, and z axes (not to mention the positive/negative directions) makes my brain hurt sometimes. But, as you noted, the single most important thing is consistency so I am all in favor of these changes and appreciate your getting that ball rolling. I've modified the thumbtack page I made a little while ago and I'll do a quick check around to see if I need to
  21. There are only two oddities that I know of in the recipe data, and only one that might cause an issue with collapsing them by level range. The recipe for Gladiator's Javelin: Chance for Toxic Damage uses one Boresight at level 10, and at levels 11-25 it instead uses one Computer Virus. At level 26 it uses one Improvised Cybernetic, and at levels 27-40 it instead uses one Circuit Board. The other oddity is that the recipe for Mako's Bite: Accuracy/Damage is the only recipe to use multiples of salvage (2 Steel for levels 30-40, and 2 Chaos Theorem for levels 41-50), but I
  22. Thanks! Looks like it might be missing from St. Martial as well. I'll look into it and put them on the list for the next round of updates. Along those lines, anyone can feel free to post here with typos or other errors on the maps, and I'll correct them. I have three on the list now with typos (Bloody Bay, Steel Canyon, and Striga Isle) and another (Nova Praetoria) with some inaccurate badge markers. I may not be able to get to them all by the next update, but I'll get to them, and would be happy to take care of any other issues other folks notice.
  23. That may have been part of the motivation, but it was also to provide ease-of-access to Echo Plaza for low-level characters. Count me among the tram-users as well. Tram/ferry/black helicopter is my preferred method of getting around (followed by base portal).
  24. It might have been related to this (from Number Six on Discord)
  25. Yes. The spawn of the construction event is broadcast thusly: [PPD] Unusual Clockwork activity in Kings Row. If the Paladin construction is completed (five minutes after the construction event spawns), the following is broadcast: [PPD] Clockwork Paladin spotted in Kings Row.
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