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I was going to solo Redside on a Blaster.  But changed my mind since I moved the Blaster project as my new 'main' and will be seeing quite a bit of it.


Now i am thinking to do it on a Controller or a Dominator.  Possibly a Corruptor.  This will be a LOT of solo missions and story arcs at +0/x1 and then some PUG Task Forces for badges and fun.  Character will bw enhanced, although slowly since it will not level quick.


Which is more powerful?  (I have run a very few Doms [grav&ice] and no Trollers.  Tell me what is up with the choices if you would please.  


Yes, i am determined for it to be Dark/Dark/Soul.  It is a theme I am doing.  Focuses the feedback pretty well too!

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24 minutes ago, Snarky said:

so.....without seeming too Snarky (Reg Trademark, Pat. pending)  Which Forum would i seek advice on that question? Controller, Dominator, or Corruptor?  Wouldn't each of those forums, while knowledgeable, have an inherent slant?


The main AT forum, not any of the sub forums.

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16 minutes ago, Blackbird71 said:

You were probably too busy being snarky to notice.

you have to scroll down for it....who scrolls down past what they went to the page for?  blaster...brute...etc

i guess i will close this topic and just research it on my own.  not in the mood to quibble over these things.  

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You know you can make a Dark/Dark/Soul Stalker as well. Wondering why you excluded that possibility?

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As much as I love my DarkityDarkDark Defenders... and I do adore them... If I were making a mostly-solo character? I would actually go with a Stalker. If you'd just rather avoid the melee thing, Dark Sents can actually be pretty good fun, too. Not *fast* at all, mind. They're slower than Christmas. But they're also basically unstoppable past a certain point. (I went Dark/WP and Dark/Bio for Shonokin and Tavaris. Being a goon in front of either one of them is like being caught in the path of a glacier. Doom may be slow, but its also inevitable. 😆 )


If you're determined to stick with Defender vs Corruptor... I'd go Corruptor. It'll be a slog soloing either, but the Corruptor might be a hair faster at it. Th eDefender would be safer by a bit, but that comes down to a matter of priorities. 

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For solo I'd go Controller, especially at +0/x1.  Controlling one fool while mashing the other lets you level slow but steady.  When you do group, you don't have any buffs to keep track of, so it doesn't change your playstyle much.  Once you get the pets from 32+ it'll go even faster.

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