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MMO Populations & COH

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Hmm.  Thanks for the heads-up.  Doing a little more digging does raise some questions about the website's legitimacy.  Where did you get details as far back as 2015, @Apparition?  I can only get it to go back as far as Q3 2016, where it seems to suggest that the peak in SCoRE was around 5,000 users.  I have no idea how many people were actually on SCoRE, but the numbers are actually looking a bit suspect.


Still, that one chart does seem to match what my memory suggests were major Homecoming patches.

Let's take a closer look!

April through June 2019 being when things started.
October being Page 3 of I26 and @holymittens' arcs were released.
January 2020 being Page 4.
March 31st for Page 5.
 . . . the June/July peak doesn't really translate to anything I can think of in Homecoming specifically, but perhaps a "Summer break" surge, or maybe one of the other servers related something then?
Hmm, and Issue 27 in November doesn't really map to the chart, actually . . . since that suggests it was a valley, and not a peak.
And then February's peak makes no sense from what I can see . . . 


Yeah.  Ok.   Unless the other servers are bringing in greater numbers than what I've been told, this chart is actually quite a ways off from what I suspect the reality is.

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