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hmmm, Endurance Discount has always looked weird when calculated for you, but in this case the top right seems to be a bug.


Normally when you get a global endurance discount (in this case 10%), I would expect to see them calculate the endurance reduction as such:

100%/ (100% + 10%) - 100% = -9.1%


In this case, the calculated endurance reduction seems to be using the base 100% in its discount (speculating). But go with me on the math here:

100% / (100% + 110%) - 100% = 1/2.1 - 1 = -52.38% (which is extremely close to what you have)


Personally, I wish they would stop calculating the EndRedux for us because it is usually information that we can't use. For example, if you had 6.25% endurance reduction in your build via set bonuses and you have another 10% from your Hybrid, you might see the following:

From set bonuses: 100%/106.25% - 100% =  -5.88%

From hybrid: -9.1%

Add that up: -14.97%


But what is your true endurance reduction?

Combined set bonuses and hybrid: 100%/(100%+6.25%+10%)-100% = 1/1.1625 - 1 = -13.98%


As you can see, the total you thought you had was significantly more than what your true endurance reduction is. For this reason, I wish they wouldn't display it this way but rather just show what the +EndRedux is and let us calculate what that means ourselves.

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