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Just did my first solo trial ever: Eden on Savage/Bio Scrapper

ninja surprise

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I've never been one to try to solo TFs, AVs, etc.  It always seemed like one of those things that Uber builds and combos do and I've always been more of a casual player. This Savage/Bio scrapper is vet level 32 with T4 in the Lore (BP), Ion Judgement and Melee Hybrid, but the rest are T3. This toon has a bunch of Winters and Scrapper IOs and is probably my most expensive toon.


I was looking at my Accolades thing and noticed I'm missing two of the Freedom Phalanx TFs. Looking at my list of uncompleted TFs was Moonfire. That one's pretty easy so I figured why not? I dropped my diff to +1x8 and hopped in. It went swimmingly, except when I tried to herd a room of Vamps and got held and died.  Long story short, I came back, kicked butt, and was surprised when Arkhan was an AV instead of an EB, but I vanquished her and got a fat load of whatever those things are that make you feel good!

So this afternoon, looking for a way to keep busy while "watching" a Palo Alto firewalls training webinar I figured might as well see if an Eden was forming up. I LFG'q'd over to Eden, found myself alone with only Woodsman to talk to.

He seemed so friendly... all he wanted me to do was defeat 200 Devouring Earth. I can do that!

In a classic case of scope creep, as soon as I finished that he wanted me to go save 4 lesser heroes in the big cave behind him. The webinar was still going so I jumped in.

But first, I'm no idiot, so I opened /ah and bought a bunch of Essence of the Earths to hold me up against the Titan. I remembered something about that from doing this on Live.

Jumped in, started flying around looking for the vertical tubes to get to the bottom of this place.

Started fighting some DE's to get more drops... and they drop Ambrosia. I bought the wrong Insps! So I kept fighting and collected a half dozen or so Ambrosias and hoped for the best.

First I had to fight that big fat wall.. that took a while. Savage Leap doesn't work vs walls and that's where my Critical Strikes proc was! So I just cycled through Vicious Slash, Savage Strike, and Hemmorage (ugh) and Moonbeam. I pulled out my DE vetpets and we scratched away until it finally fell.

The funny thing was that two of the Giant Monsters came up and wanted to fight, but I just ignored them. They didn't hurt me that I could tell. I just stayed in Efficient so I wouldn't run out of endurance.

This took a bit less than 10 minutes. Both pets expired and hadn't recharged by the time the wall fell.



I did some more hunting on the way to the Mold wall with those two idiot rockheads following me all the way!




Luckily there was some kind of slope separating the upper area from the Crystal Titan's realm so they couldn't follow me there.


Against the Crystal Titan, I did pretty well until about 3 minutes in my Ambrosia expired right when it did a footstomp and I died. I was surprised to discover I still don't have a self-rez on this dude so I hit Hosp and hoped it was a chamber in the tunnel... but got sent back to the entrance to Eden 😔

I mission-TP'd back to the door, hopped on the AH to buy a bunch more Ambrosias, re-entered, and flew back through the whole entire friggin map to find the Titan again.

This time I moved my Insp tray closer to my attack tray and moved the menu thing down so I could see if the insp blinked before it expires (it doesn't that I saw).

This time I pulled the Titan down into the mire off its pedestal so that if I died I could use a wakie. 



My DE vetbuddies and I brought the pain, and I think I defeated it before the buff-pet expired. Nice! Looks like I used 7 Ambrosias, so maybe 7 minutes? 

I was surprised to see that the Titan explodes into about 5 smaller bosses.. and they explode into tiny minions.  I wish Bertha did that!




Then I went and freed the stupid heroes who didn't even help me free the other heroes so I tried to lure some DE over to defeat them, then flew off to farm some bosses and get a bunch of Ambrosias to sell and store.

Trial finished in 57 minutes with one defeat! 




I know what I'm gonna do next: Get myself a self-rez!


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18 hours ago, Elia87 said:

How do you like Savage melee? Good dmg or so-so?


It does good enough damage.  Not so much burst though, but good AoE. I really like Savage Leap with the +Crit proc, then the next 2 - 3 attacks crit too.

Word on the boards is that Hemorrhage is defective and doesn't crit properly. I plan to respec out of it and into the other ST attack + Blood Frenzy.

But mostly I really like the sound effects and visual effects. It's easy on the ears but still sounds like you're solidly slapping things around, and the big red claw marks on the screen really dress it up.

Heck, it's good enough to take down a Crystal Titan!

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On 8/14/2021 at 1:50 AM, nihilii said:

The ambrosia should blink before it expires. But I remember seeing it not do that sometimes. I think it's tied to a setting you have to change in options.


I never noticed it bink.  But since only one ambrosia can be active at a time it was good enough to have the insp tray right next to my attacks so I could click one when they lit up and became clickable.

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