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Provide Pattern Option to More/Most Costume Pieces?


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There are a lot of costume options where it will only show the primary color, it would be nice if patterns could be extended to almost all pieces.


One example I want for one of my characters....


What I have:




What I Can't Pattern ( No Selection Available):




What I'm Going For ( from some art I had commissioned):





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If I understand correctly, the way the costume pieces are set up, they all have a primary and secondary color. For the tops with skin ones, the secondary is the skin tone you've picked. There's no way to add a third color without baking in a specific one.

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Adding the possibility of a third (customizable) color, and costume

 pieces that brokered a third color, would be the most consequential costume editor change we could get, but it would be a huge project.


The current status quo is that @Magairlín is right, the second color on "with skin" pieces is your skin tone.


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Yeah, magairlin pretty much explained it the way I thought I remembered it.


Though I'm wondering if anything can be done with "chest details" to add pseudo-patterns... on the other hand, that kind of brings its own tradeoffs, too.

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