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Homecoming Launcher crashes after character selection


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Recently I downloaded Homecoming Launcher to play on the beta server. It ran smoothly. However, the launcher crashed when I tried to access Live. I am running Windows 10 64 bit (build 19042.1165).


Everything is fine at first.


A warning icon showed up right after I click the play button. The warning was similar to Jawbreaker's error a few months ago. Nevertheless, cityofheroes.exe still ran.


The text said Local Account and Type Anything instead of Account Name and Account Password.


LegalEULA text was empty.


Server names were weird. My character is on Reunion, but the game said connecting to Triumph.


Pressing the Next button in character selection menu crashes the game. 




EDIT - additional info

So, I logged on as Andre, put him next to the pinball machine in Pocket D (pictured below), logged off, then logged on again using Homecoming launcher.  Right after cityofheroes.exe crashed, I ran Tequila, then logged on as another character (Athanasia).


It seems that the game client connected to the server right before it closed.


From Athanasia's POV, Andre still showed up in the search window, but he didn't show up in Pocket D. She could send tells, but she couldn't target him. 


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additional info
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That's a lot of Good documentation, but I'll be damned if that doesn't look like you somehow connected to one of the Other servers. You know how you could use Tequila (I'm assuming) with a different manifest and it would load that server instead of say HC. But How that could possibly happen with the Launcher I have no clue since you can't (I believe) modify the manifest.


Do you have anything else installed CoH wise? Do you have anything like an AV software that 'somehow' could have messed with the connection at all (causing crash)?

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I believe my antivirus did not cause the crash since I played on the Beta server just fine while the AV was running in the background.

It was not a connection problem (I guess) since the game client had successfully connected to the server (albeit briefly). 
I have sent the crash report. I hope it can help the dev team fix this problem. 

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