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Report Costume Issues Here


Message added by Naomi,

* Before you post a report, please ensure it has relevant information to reproduce the issue. When in doubt, attach a .costume file to your post or DM me a .costume file with a link back to your post if you don't want the file being public.

* If you see that your report has been hidden it is likely due to a pending fix, has already been fixed, is a duplicate or already exists in our internal issue tracker.

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  • Developer

Until now there hasn't been an official thread for costume issues or bugs, so here it is. I'm not enforcing that anyone use it, so existing and new reports elsewhere are fine, especially if you want to discuss issues or can't get the format right for this thread. That said, the reports you post here are the ones most likely to get looked at first, since they will be entered (if necessary) to our internal issue tracker.


The reason for this thread is to try and consolidate issues into batches that can be worked on more efficiently.


If you post a report in this thread, please adhere to the following, otherwise your post will be removed with no notice or warning:


  • This is not a discussion thread, so please try and keep discussion to the bare minimum.
  • This is not a request thread. Do not post requests for ports, proliferation, category swaps or anything like that, unless you think it's legitimately an oversight, which counts as an issue.
  • Screenshots  OR .costume files of the issue are required, even for category bugs such as "this should be available under x category". Post a screenshot of whatever this is. You do not have to edit them or circle issues but they are helpful. In cases where a .costume file would reveal the issue, you can also post one of those and a short description.
  • Be absolutely clear in some way of which images you post that have been Photoshoped, in the event you are trying to explain what something should be or what something should look like. Some of you have posted images in the past that are very good fakes.
  • If your screenshot does not include an image of the category that I can quickly replicate, please include it in your description as best you can: Female > Lower Body > Pants > Basic Pants > Pants > Cheetah 1 as an example. If you include a .costume file, ignore this.


  • Try to use the forum feature to make a preview of your images to a max width of 200-500px, so that they don't hog too much space in your post.


You don't have to mention what kind of bug it is, but to be on the lookout, they come in five categories and some may be more than one:

  • Texture (bad quality texture, missing texture or wrong texture)
  • UV (texture stretching or bleeding of texture and tint colors where there shouldn't be)
  • Geometry (odd geometry behavior, size or scale, open seams, gaps, and clipping***)
  • Category (wrong category, or missing category where you reasonably believe there isn't a reason it isn't already in said category.)
  • Costume Editor (invalid parts and .costume files, weird tailor charges and tailor issues). We know about the costume color change on .costume file load that sometimes happens, and the dual pistol .costume load issues.


*** Clipping is defined as any costume part that has obvious, unintended clipping with the main body, and in this case NOT with other costume parts.


Here is an example of some issues. The first is "Basic Pants" which contains a UV issue. You can tell because the same texture on the other pants is fine. The Gunslinger Belt is using the wrong geometry. The last one is hard to see, but Labeaux 1 circled white contains texture compression artifacts vs Labeaux 2 which does not:




Thank you in advance.

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For Katana and Dual Blades, "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" and "Flaming Sword" appear to be the same weapon.  Specifically for Katana, Males don't have access to "Flaming Sword" but seeing as how "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" appears identical, this isn't much of an issue.  "Flaming Sword" does not show up as an option for Broadsword or Titan Weapon, but "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" does.


1804967712_FSSwordElemental.thumb.PNG.4fdc8f5147ad4e3f241804c9ed10899d.PNG   2120634743_FlamingSword.thumb.PNG.e99f9438216fdc03406f8c4949316ffc.PNG

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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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You acknowledged this when I first posted it @Naomi, but still might be worth posting again.


The Black Knight Shield can potentially crash the game.  When adjusting the shield's detail (Spike or Emblem) on a character with War Mace and a male build who is logged into the game (as in the character is in the game world; this doesn't happen during character creation), the game will crash if the detail is reverted to nothing (via reset button or manually).  The crash does not occur on Female or Huge builds, nor does it occur with any other powerset combination besides War Mace (to my knowledge).


Attached is a video of the crash in action.  Don't worry, I sent the crash log.



Edited by ZorkNemesis

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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The Black Knight Shield remains buggy.  In cases where it doesn't crash the game, attempting to revert the Spike/Emblem to None won't actually remove the Spike/Emblem.  You have to change the shield style entirely to remove the detail.  This is the case for all builds.




The spike is also not attached to the shield.  You probably won't notice in gameplay though.  Applies to all builds.



Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Poor Shield Offsets


As always, not quiiiiite what you had in mind in your list of bugs, but please tell me to hide my post instead of doing so if you disagree with the bug classification -- that way I can grab and post it elsewhere as a request.


NOTE: I tried to only report the egregious issues, since this setting cannot be perfect.  I did fall down a rabbit hole and reported more than intended.  I apologize some of these seem to break the "clipping with other parts" rule, but these are all gloves which have a dedicated Offset value, and really it just seemed like reporting them in-batch with Mecha and Ascension was for the best.


Male > Upper (Tights) > Gloves > Mecha

This is definitely due to the FX add-ons to the piece, but they really don't justify this massive gap:

The tiny shield is Vanguard when "closed"    ::    "Full chonk" enabled:

image.png.09e8b3fbd9e693c9fb4a3e28fe581baa.png    ::    image.png.bb58ebe03ee439fa4796664bdd63b2a9.png

beefy PPD Riot shield: image.png.c7d130b0b1e13cdc3d4c63cfd75e08bc.png

I think reducing this so the extra fin clips through the back of the shield a bit would be good.  I think that would be a justifiable "middle ground" gap, and we could pair with Asymmetry to use "clean" on that side in a costume slot while shield is enabled.


""> "" > Gloves > Celestial Armor 1

Please move this one OUT a bit.  The gloves consist of 2 balls and if one doesn't protrude through a given shield, the other invariable will.

Cavalier    ::     Riot Shield

image.png.01672a0ef68ff11bb47cfc2bc871c88b.png   ::   image.png.781ad3a2af72e2790aa80e7e9cb9b815.png



"" > Gloves > Resistance

Needs an offset value.  Impressive:



"" > Gloves > Circle of Thorns 3

Good luck?  I think "use Asymmetry" may be the best fix here.



"" > Gloves > Ascension

As with Mecha, doesn't make sense for it to be out this far.  Given the FX is ephemeral lights, seems like it would be better quality to let it come through the other side (a feature?) instead of a floating shield.

image.png.b2e4583597611b8fa2a7ab98e517a35b.png    ::    image.png.d6e87d8e40bd9fb654749e614191ea39.png 

I guess Force Fields are cool too though.

Edited by Replacement
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Male > Upper >  Gloves > Fire and Ice 3

Same deal as CoT 3 -- I noticed it's awful, but it may be better to defer this as "solution: asymmetry toggle."



Male > Upper >  Gloves > Omega

Could use a minor offset



Male > Upper >  Gloves > Organic Armor (and Thorny, but meh)

Thorny is obviously much worse at clipping, but the Asymmetry answer of "just use regular Organic Armor" also clips:

Regular   ::  Thorny

image.png.5e145f0601005b5f7a2bdab3d2417a90.png    ::   image.png.5de7c211e7aa6642881b628226e5f7ad.png


...And then to go back through and check the other genders:

Huge: Celestial Armor 1 only has the issue with the rear section, while Female only has the clip-through on the front:

image.png.d9b12aace675c308599e5440816774cd.png   :::   image.png.ab6783d6ea7265fd52f7f1317c2c3fa2.png


Female > Gloves > Mecha:

Same issue as Male.  Huge is fine, though.



 Huge... > Gloves > Resistance



Huge | Female... > Gloves > Ascension:


image.png.188214e9cd2ea362dea2032e3e8be9e8.png  ::  image.png.3b35e6faf884f7ddfef94e0908ce0341.png


Huge | Female > Gloves > Fire and Ice 3: yes, clips. Not sure it matters.  I can see people liking it with earthy toons.

image.png.dd2e57a9d5b4d2472c7a2ea0430067ca.png  ::  image.png.19cd551d85d226c9d7ee655d1da79a91.png


 Huge | Female > Gloves > Omega

image.png.539c54492f61a6add7d0e3e421b99c19.png  ::  image.png.d2fb32ebe41ed5575323ff50ee22209c.png


Huge > Upper > Gloves > Organic Armor Including Thorny:

As above, not truly a huge issue.  But I'm reporting it and letting you decide if you care to fix:

image.png.7b647bb6ada56c0d57951d3c14b03c7b.png   ::   image.png.bcc397d62d33f97a6a7b0f8c6e8a010a.png


Female is fine enough, not worth a report at this time.  Thorny of course sticks through but you get the idea.



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Bug: 'Travel Power Only' Stances behave as permanent stances from other players perspectives.


Wasn't sure if this was the place for it, but it seems like a costume issue, given that's where stances are selected...

The 'Travel Power Only' Stances [Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Ninja Stance (Travel Powers Only), Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Slide Stance(Travel Powers Only), and Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Beast Stance (Travel Powers Only)] appear to work correctly from the local player's computer, but function exactly as the always on stances[Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Ninja Stance, Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Slide Stance, and Inherent>Inherent>Stance>Beast Stance] when viewed by another player. 

Tested this in Pocket D after having someone comment about my character's sliding when running about.  I had Slide Stance (Travel Powers Only) set for my costume, so for me, I only slid when using Super Speed, but for everyone else I tested with, I was sliding all the time, even with no travel powers, no sprint.  Changing costumes and changing back did not fix, neither did toggling travel powers on and off, or relogging.

Attached are screenshots, one from my perspective(the user of the Travel Powers Only stance), and another player's perspective.  Screen shots are only attached for Slide, but we tested and it occured with the others too



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Another case of power customization being strange.  This one's a bit simpler though, maybe.


Blaster > Sonic Manipulation > Sound Barrier

The option for "Show Floaters" is listed twice.  Presumably the first Show Floaters should be "Bright Sonic Attack" since "Dark Sonic Attack" is a listed option.  There doesn't appear to be a visual difference in the costume UI between the two Floaters.  Also, maybe there should be a "Dark Show Floaters" since both floater options appear to use Bright effects.



Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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The Problem:
Arachnos Soldier VEAT characters on their initial uniform costume cannot choose to go without a crab backpack.


The Back category has options for standard and customizable crab spider backpacks, but no option to go without one.  It shouldn't even be present unless the character is promoted to Crab Spider Soldier.





The "Bane & Crab" option correctly allows for "None" to be selected in the back category.


Unfortunately, it seems that Bane/Crab Epic Archetype option has both a "Back" category and a "Crab Backpack" category.  Unless promoted to Crab Spider Soldier, the "Crab Backpack" category shouldn't be present at all.  If promoted to Crab Spider Soldier, it should be the only one of the two present.


Correction on this last pic's caption: The "Crab Backpack" option should only be present if promoted to Crab Spider Soldier.  Bane Spider Soldiers and un-promoted Soldiers should not see it.


What this currently means is that All Arachnos Soldier VEAT characters who aren't using the Bane/Crab type are being forced to wear crab backpacks, regardless of their promotion or lack thereof.  Those using the Bane/Crab option may be able to avoid getting a Crab pack forced on them, so long as they select the Back option after selecting something in the "Crab Backpack" slot.


Further testing shows that this happens for Female and Huge Arachnos Soldier VEATs as well, with the same conditions for reproduction.


All images above were taken directly from character creation for an Arachnos VEAT character.  They have been cropped in the interest of space and had text and indicators added to explain the issue.  No other alterations have been made.

What should be happening:

Arachnos Soldier VEAT characters should have no options for backpacks under the "Wolf" and "Wolf & Helm" Epic Archetype Options.  They have Cape options instead.

Under the "Bane/Crab" option, they should have the full range of Back options - None, Standard Issue, Standard issue & Cape, Custom, Custom & Cape.  They do not have the Cape option (to prevent them from wearing two capes - one attached to their armor and one attached to their small spider pack).


Arachnos Soldier VEAT characters who have promoted to Crab Spider Soldier (and only those who have promoted to Crab Spider Soldier) should not have a Back or Cape option at all regardless of Epic Archetype choice, but instead have a "Crab Backpack" option instead.  This option only has two choices - Standard Issue and Custom, and no option to remove the Crab Backpack at all (since it's required for their attack animations).

Those who promote to Bane Spider keep their existing costume options for this costume, unchanged.


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Bug report for "Liquefy" in the Sonic Resonance power-set:


For all color customization options, for both Bright and Dark and alternate casting animations, the puddles/ripples and soundwaves aren't receiving palette changes.


The bug occurs for Controller, Corruptor, Defender, and Mastermind.


First image is an example of Bright Sonic Resonance colored pink:



The puddles/ripples and waves after the projectile are of the default power-set coloration, as seen in the following image:


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Another one for the Arachnos Soldier VEAT


When using no helmet options the character loses the option to customizing boots. The [Wolf and Helm] & [Crab/Bane] options, there's no problem.





At a guess it's because the non helmet options add a multitude of head options that are basically "pushing" the boots options further than it'll display, since you can change your boot color through linking your costume colors



It applies to any character customizer (Creation, Tailor, and Trainer), regardless body type.


Edits were made to the images to reduce filesize and to indicate the issue.

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Resident certified baby

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These Fire and Ice weapons man...


Huge > Weapons (Dual Blades) > Left Blade


For Huge characters, the Left Blade for Dual Blades lists "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" as "Fire and Ice 2" despite using the correct name for the Right Blade. 



Additionally "Flaming Sword" is listed twice for the left, with the first one being a copy of the "Fire Sword" just above it. 



1700583770_DualBladesFlamingSword1.thumb.PNG.2c81769595fa77ea10516bc648860a27.PNG  224097175_DualBladesFlamingSword2.thumb.PNG.d8c6eb82db1a98be7b814f4d7ac3d2a0.PNG


And much like my earlier report, "Fire and Ice 2" and the second "Flaming Sword" appear to be copies of each other.  The Right Blade menu also has "Fire and Ice Sword - Elemental" and "Flaming Sword" as copies, but does not duplicate "Flaming Sword" like Left Blade does.

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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Bringing up a classic costume bug regarding VEATs that has been present since live. Helmet lights/aura FX for the Crab Spider and Bane Spider helmets are not functioning properly.


The FX is absent from both the standard issue and custom options for VEAT costumes for Crab/Bane helmets, but is correctly present on NPCs (ingame and architect) as well as on the pre-order Bane/Crab helmet. I believe the original explanation one of the developers offered was that they didn't have time to get the aura/FX to play nice with the crab backpack and simply omitted it to fix later but they never got around to it, which is odd considering the Wolf Spider helmet's FX works just fine even with the backpack.


Standard Helmet                                    Custom Helmet                                           Pre-Order Helmet



Wolf Helmet




Working FX example.

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Male > Head > Standard > Hair > (multiple, see below)


Some hairstyles aren't completely attached to the head when the Cranium Height slider is low, leaving a visible hole between the head and hair.  I initially noticed it with the Average 2 preset under Shape and the Resistance hairstyle, but noticed a few others also have this issue.  It's also a lot more visible with the Brute and Square presets.


Affected hairstyles: 

  • Mohawk Spikey
  • Resistance
  • Topknot (seems to not be fully attached to the head regardless of sliders)
  • Cybertech 1
  • Cybertech 2
  • Post Apocalyptic 1
  • Post Apocalyptic 2 (more visible from the front then the side)


Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Male > Head > Standard > Hair > Exposed Brain


Similar to the above issue, if the Cranium Width is set to the highest value, the hair on the Exposed Brain style clips a lot into the left side of the head.  Interestingly enough the Exposed Brain Spiked style doesn't have this problem.




Male > Head > Standard > Hair > Ponytail


The Ponytail hairstyle also has slight clipping into both sides of the head if the Cranium Width slider is maxed.




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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Female > Lower Body > Bottoms > Bottom > (any)/Stripe 1


Stripe 1's coloring texture seems to be of lower quality than Stripe 2 or Stripe 3; with visible jagged edges compared to the smoother 2 and 3.  Unlike my last texture report this one is with Character Texture Quality set to Very High and many other settings on High Quality.


Stripe 1



Stripe 2



As an aside, the Stripe patterns on the Bottom don't quite line up with Stripe patterns from the top, visible in both screenshots.  Easily masked with a belt, but if you're the kind of hero with a onesie you'll notice it.

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Here's a strange one with the editor itself.


(any gender) > Back Detail > Any


When a costume has no back detail assigned, view any saved costume that has any back detail equipped for the build you're using (cape, wings. whatever).  If you then back out of the Load Costume menu without loading the costume, your character will have whatever the back detail the costume had equipped afterwards.  This won't replace an existing back option if already selected.


Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Huge > Upper Body > Tight + Scales (Body > Waist)


Turns out being fat can cause a lot of clipping with belts and chest details.  When the waist slider is set to high a number of belts and chest details clip into the stomach.  First noticed with Oval Buckle belt and Barbarian 1 chest detail, but checked others and the list is too large to put down.  The Chest Detail clipping can be somewhat countered by increasing the Chest slider, but if you're going for no pecs and all gut, you're gonna have a bad time with your belts.


Here's an example with Waist at lowest



And after gaining some weight, watch the chains magically disappear among the folds of his fat.  Also note the belt.



Edited by ZorkNemesis

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Powers > Inherent > Stance 

(Tested specifically with Scrapper Ninjitsu, likely affects many powers)


While it's been mentioned above that characters set to "Travel Only" for stances display their pose to everyone regardless of travel powers active or not, I've noticed a few other powers don't seem to be animating at all when any alternate Stance is enabled.  This could be a Ninjitsu issue as that's the set I was using when I spotted this, but numerous powers in Ninjitsu were not playing their animations correctly when the default stance was on.  Attacks animated fine, but self powers were not.


The powers I noticed: 

Weapon draws in general were skipped, unless actively attacking.  Typhoon's Edge drew the blades, but all other attacks failed to do so without a valid target in range, including ranged attacks from weapons.

Ninjitsu buffs; Kujin-Rin, Kujin-Sha, and Seishinteki Kyoyo all failed to do the "hands together" animation.

Danger Sense and Shinobi-Iri failed to perform their animations, however Ninja Reflexes seemed to be an exception and did work.

Tough and Weave failed to animate as well.  Tough also lacks sounds if you have the "pounding chest" animation set.  Weave is especially odd as it shares the same "bob and weave" animation as Ninja Reflexes.


Here's a quick example

First video is without the stance.  Super Speed is visibly active to show that no stance is enabled.  Kujin-Sha and Seishinteki Kyoyo animate correctly.



Second, swapped to a costume with Ninja Stance on Travel, Super Speed is toggled off but the two powers fail to animate anyway.  Super Speed is toggled afterward to show that Ninja Stance (Travel) is selected



Edited by ZorkNemesis

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Female > Upper Body > Baggy > Chest Detail > (multiple)


Probably on the unfixable side, but a number of options for female chest details clip into the body when baggy clothes are worn.  Some are minor like the bandoliers which can usually be fixed by upping the chest scale slider, but then you have the Roman Lorica Segmentata and Roman Centurion which gets completely swallowed by the breasts and stomach regardless of slider settings.





Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Female > Head > Standard > Detail 1 > Headband + Scales

Female > Head > Full Masks > Detail 2 > Headband + Scales

Female > Head > Hoods > Detail 1 > Headband + Scales


If the Cranium slider Depth is set to max, a small spot above the right eye clips into the Headband detail.  Adjusting the Cranium height can reduce the size of the clipping, but not remove it entirely.  Cranium width has no effect on this.



Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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  • 1 month later

Not sure if this is a Costume or a Power FX bug but Entangling Aura's color randomly changes to a darker color around the characters chest area and to the default color for 2d leaves. No matter if its day or night, the color will randomly change. (Second Screenshot is how it should look like)






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I dont have a picture but when in game I can take one if needed.


The Incarnate summon Phantom pets for some reason only colors one of the two pets when changing custom Incarnate power color, and the other stays the base color.


I know this isn't huge, but it is really messing with my OCD and the Roleplay of my character when all pets match my colorway accept one 😛


Thank you !

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