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For the katana Rularuu's Fang, the eye on the right side of the blade moves fine, while on the left side of the blade the eyeball doesn't move at all--completely static.


^ Right side of the blade with the eyeball mid-closing (it took so many attempts to try and snap this x.x)


^ Left side of the blade with the eyeball being static

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Forgive me if this bug has been reported before. I'm noticing some issues with loading saved costume files.

Loading a saved costume file with the "Stilettos" boots with the "Bio-Organic" texture and the "Bio-Organic" pattern changes the boots into "Roman Sandal" boots. The correct boots are displayed in the preview, but hitting "Next" to load the costume into the editor makes the swap, sometimes immediately and sometimes when the Lower Body category is selected.

Similarly, loading a saved costume with the "Omega" upper and lower body textures and "Omega" pattern for both on the Huge body type changes the upper body texture to plain Tights and the lower body texture to Gold Bricker. On the Female body type, the upper body texture stays the same, but the lower body texture changes to Talons. On the Male bodytype, loading Omega seems to have no issues.


Attached are sample costumes with the issues present, as well as a couple screenshots showing some of the issues.



BugTest.costume BugTest2.costume BugTest3.costume BugTest4.costume

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