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Mind/Dark, /Elec, or /Energy?


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Energy.  Stupid good ST dps, you get 3 big extreme attacks.  It's aoe is subpar but you can pull some aoe out of procs and such in Mind's aoe powers.  I also go with Soul Mastery which is fantastic aoe, it compliments Energy real well.  


My first toon back was Mind/Dark.   My old Mind/Nrg became my main after how well they revamped Energy Assault.  Dark is decent because the heal offers strong survivability but its damage is mediocre.  


Electric is bleh.  Has been since they nerfed Havoc Punch way back on live.  


Counting live I've played all 3 assaults with Mind.  My main was the Mind/Nrg but I knew it was subpar and that my Mind/Dark on live was better.  Now that's not the case, my Energy assault is so much more fun to play than the others.  

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Seconding @Mezmera


I really like the combo of Mass Hypnosis and ST attacks.  Mob dies one by one as they slumber.  Creepy.

formerly @JimmyVine (on Infinity & Victory)

currently @Cenozoic (on Reunion)


Cenozoic (Mind/Psionic Dominator) ... Los Infiernos (Fire/Devices Blaster) ... Slof (Stone/Spines Tanker) ... Zen's Furnace (Illusion/Dark Controller) ... Cryovolcano (Earth/Cold Controller)


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