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Looking for new sg that runs missions


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The League of Misfit Toys is always looking for new recruits.


Also check out the weekly Saturday theme team. It's an open team, but you have to follow the theme and sign up to make sure your spot on the team is reserved.


There is also the weekly Sunday red side team called Something Wicked Sundays. We do something red side. Sometimes an SF, sometimes a run of mayhem bank jobs, sometimes something completely different.


Both the theme team and the SWS teams have their own threads. Give them a check.


Other than that, good luck and thanks for playing on Indom!

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The G.O.A.T. SG runs nightly mission teams, Task Force Tuesdays, Farmin' Fridays and a whole lot of other random stuff.  We also have a LARGE coalition that really adds to the mix of available things!  Send message to @Nux Aukairo for further details!


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Server:  Everlasting


Notable Toons:  Nux Aukairo (Savage Melee/Dark Armor Brute), Boanerges Aukairo (Electric Melee/Shield Defense Brute) Lux Aukairo (Beam Rifle/Radiation Emission Corruptor), EVENT HORlZON (Fire/Gravity Dominator), CharcoaI (Savage Melee/Fiery Aura Brute), lsotope (Radiation Melee/Dark Armor Brute), CLERlC (Dual Pistols/Time Corruptor), RoidRage (Invulnerability/Super Strength Tank), BasiIisk (Psi/Dark Stalker), Meissner Effect (Electric/Energy Tanker), Burn Card (Dual Pistols/Fiery Aura Sentinel), Nux (Dark Melee/Dark Armor Scrapper), Mecha Nux (Radiation Armor/Energy Melee Tanker), AE0NAUT (Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation Blaster)

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