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Mouse wheel is toggling the function of the middle mouse button


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I'm having an odd issue with the mouse wheel interacting with the middle mouse button.

How it normally works with my setup:


Lbutton + Rbutton = forward

Middle button (pushing down on the wheel) = target next enemy

Rbutton = move the camera


This allows me to move the camera and target the next enemy with the mouse at the same time.


However, if I use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out, right button + middle button is now forward, as is left button + middle button. I lose the functionality of the middle button while holding down Rbutton.


If I use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out once more, things go back to normal and I can once again pan the camera while targeting with the middle mouse button.

I am using a new cheap mouse as my previous one wore out, so I'm sure that's the cause. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the mouse, checked for updated drivers (there are none), move keybinds around, checked a dozen different characters. Whatever function I've assigned to middle mouse button doesn't matter, rolling the wheel once changes my ability to use the middle + right mouse buttons and rolling the wheel again restores it.


What the hell?


Edit: I don't know offhand of any other programs I could check this specific use of middle + right mouse buttons, so I can't tell if this is only applying to city of heroes or if it's an operating system problem

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I wonder if the mouse wheel is somehow toggling click-to-move? I am not sure where that setting is offhand (might be under Options > Controls) but if you can locate it in options you might check there. Otherwise you might try exporting your binds with the /bind_save_file command (or just /bind_save if you don't want to give the file a custom name) and look to see what the binds are for these keys (if they are in there):




You might also check for key combos that involve these keys plus a chord key (ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT), although that's probably a long shot.


You could also just rebind the mouse wheel with:


/bind MOUSEWHEEL "+camdistadjust"


That will set it to only zoom in and out (in case it was bound to multiple commands previously).

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Thanks for the reply.


Of those binds, those that exist in the created bindfile are:


RBUTTON "+mouse_look"

MBUTTON "target_enemy_next"

MouseChord "+forward"

MOUSEWHEEL "+camdistadjust"


Unbinding mbutton and mousewheel does not stop the wheel from toggling whether mbutton+rbutton activates the forward bind. Also, using the mouse wheel to scroll through a webpage activates this problem too, so it is clearly not City of Heroes itself doing something funky with the wheel.


I can actually go into keymapping and click the middle + right mouse buttons on an option and the game says I've assigned left + right buttons.



Time to get another mouse

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Yeah it sounds like it might be something with the mouse itself, but maybe there's a settings menu for the mouse that would let you see/change how the buttons are set up? I'm getting way out of my element there though.

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