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Energy Cloak + Super Speed/Infiltration


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/bind v "+$$powexectoggleon Infiltration$$powexectoggleon Sprint"

/bind b "powexectoggleon Energy Cloak$$powexectoggleoff Sprint"


It's not perfect (yet).  Have to hold down on V for a second, or Sprint won't toggle.



/bind v "powexectoggleon Infiltration$$powexectoggleon Sprint"


That requires two presses of V, but it's a bit more responsive than using the + version.

Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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1 hour ago, BrandX said:

Infiltration detoggles Energy Cloak.  Does Super Speed detoggle it as well? 


Infiltration is a "Stealth" power, as is Energy Cloak.


You can only have one "Stealth" power operating at a time.


Super Speed, despite having a stealth component, is NOT a "Stealth" power in the same way and as such can stack with other powers that are "Stealth" powers.

I believe the difference is that "Stealth" powers include a Defense bonus and can be slotted with Defense Sets. Super Speed has no defense.

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