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The Amazing Race: CoH Edition - New Year's Day at 8:00PM ET hosted by the Cosmic Council!


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If you love City of Heroes lore and you love races, we have got the event for you!


🏁🚩The Amazing Race: CoH Edition will take place on New Year's Day at 8:00pm ET!🚩🏁


With over 5 BILLION INFLUENCE to give away, EVERYONE who finishes the race in under an hour will walk away with prizes!

The first 3 finishing teams will earn 500 million influence in addition to the prizes awarded according to finishing time.

Finishing in under:

15 minutes - earns the team 500 MILLION INF

25 minutes - earns the team 400 MILLION INF

35 minutes - earns the team 350 MILLION INF

45 minutes - earns the team 250 MILLION INF

60 minutes - earns the team 150 MILLION INF


How It Works:


The Amazing Race is a Trivia Scavenger Hunt event for teams of no more than 5 people - prizes will be the same regardless of team size. So if you think you can do this by yourself, and you'd rather have the influence all to yourself, that could be a good strategy. Meet in Kallisti Wharf near the Statesman statue. Discord is NOT required.


There will be clues to solve, so be ready to put on your thinking caps! You will be able to use all resources at your disposal, so go ahead and use google searches, travel powers, and LFG queues to your advantage. Just don't share your answers/solutions! Any teams who attempt to share or give away clues will be immediately disqualified.


Specific details about the Amazing Race event will be kept secret until the instructions are given out just before it begins. The hour-long event timer will begin roughly ten minutes after the scheduled start time, 8:00pm ET. That should give enough time for any questions and clarifications.


We are so excited to host a new and fun event for the lore-lovers out there; hope to see you there!👋


- Golden



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  • goldenstriker changed the title to The Amazing Race: CoH Edition - New Year's Day at 8:00PM ET hosted by the Cosmic Council!

The First Ever Public Amazing Race was a success!


Participants engaged in salvage trades to earn new clues, and went through zones in Paragon and the Rogue Isles to solve them!


First Place: @Legion of the Elite (Beginning of the End) won 900 million influence!

Second Place: @Blunder (Worbly Bones) won 900 million influence!

Third Place: @Kendai (Hydro-Power) & @RufusPentecost (Hobotech) won 650 million influence!


The next Amazing Race may happen later this year, stay tuned!


Thank you to all who participated, and to all the Cosmic Council SG members that assisted with the event, we couldn't have done it without you.



I'll list the clues below, with their solutions hidden, in case anyone wants to follow along and try doing the Amazing Race for themselves!


First Clue:

“Originally leading the Omega team, my fate remains unknown.

Seek my memorial in the zone where your levels first grow.”


Hero 1 led the Omega Team, and his memorial is accessible through the door the the left as soon as you enter Atlas Park City Hall. The clue-giver was waiting in that room to give the second clue.

Second Clue:

“There is a Plaque on Atlas’ South War Wall. 

It will lead you to your next location, as I recall.”


The plaque reads:

"On October 31, 2004, a creature known as Eochai was defeated on this spot. Although the creature and its minions were thought to be vanquished by Paragon City's heroes, it appears they have simply relocated. The northern village of Salamanca is beset by the creatures and is in grave need of heroic assistance."

Which can lead to the neighborhood marker of Salamanca in Croatoa. The clue-giver was waiting there to give the third clue.

Third Clue:

“This pier is famous, you’ll see it on your way in.

Parents might do it to kids if they’re not listening!”


The clue giver was waiting under a sign on Spanky's Boardwalk - which is on display on the loading screen for Talos Island. After trading salvage, they would then give the fourth clue.

Fourth Clue:

“Melissa and Mike got in for free!

It's not your Fault, come and C!”


Fault - Faultline, C - Frieight Lift C, Melissa and Mike are in the Cryptic Lounge which is hidden underneath Freight Lift C in Faultline. The clue-giver was waiting in the lounge room to give the fifth clue.

Fifth Clue:

“Frost in the hollow of night, Fire in the darkest of treason,

Some will oftentimes say, there is a Flux in the Four Seasons.”


Frost + Fire = Frostfire. The Frostfire's contact is Flux; he is located in the Four Seasons neighborhood in the Hollows. The clue-giver was waiting next the Flux to give the sixth clue.

Sixth Clue:

“A warm fire and enough candy to make your mouth sore,

visit this Candy Keeper for gifts galore.”


The Candy Keeper is the contact in the Ski Chalet in Pocket D, which has a fireplace at its center. The clue-giver was waiting next to the fireplace to give the seventh clue.

Seventh Clue:

“Go to the tip of Lord Recluse’s highest tower before time runs out! 

Switch your alignment to VILLAIN before you go about.”


The participants would go to Pocket D's Null the Gull to switch to villainside before going to Grandville and flying to the tip of the tower in the middle of the zone, where the clue giver would be waiting to give the eighth and final clue.

Eighth Clue:

"In the den of the devil, you're given a test. To show you are true, you must impress.

To the 4 patrons of Recluse, will flock millions, but they only see those who are pure villains"


"Den of the Devil" - refers to the translation of Cap Au Diable, which means Devil's Cape. "Given a test" - refers to the way a Crucible is meant to purify. "To the four patrons of Recluse" - this was a red herring, which would make many think of the four patrons in Grandville, but it is referring to the four patrons in the Crucible, because "they only see those who are pure villains" - the Crucible is the only zone in the game which one must be a full Villain to enter, much like one must be a hero to enter Fort Trident in Atlas Park. The final person in clue-giver costume was waiting in the little Crucible zone to award prizes to the finishers!


Screenshot (5).png

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I knew I didn't have the full hour, which is why I ran by myself. The third clue tripped me up; I needed a second hint ("you'll see it on the way in" tripped me up, pointing me away from the right location but once I figured it out I knew what it meant, which makes it a great riddle). Then I blew through the next few before running out of time. I was on the last clue when I had to go, and realized where it was pointing about two minutes later.


But the most important thing: I had a great time. Thank you for organizing this event (and, indeed, for all you do for the Excelsior community), and see you next time!

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