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January Dev's Choice Winner

GM Vayek

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Hi everyone!


First of all, as always, I thoroughly enjoy all of the content you guys are creating! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative stories you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected some more story arcs for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed!


The author(s) will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. I will be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards!


Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on selected arcs, so check back often!


Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs!


The Golden Age of the Paragon Society

  • Arc ID: 3408
  • Created by: @WrongNumber
  • Number of Missions: 5
  • Level Range: 25-54
  • Description: "Every citizen of Paracon City has heard of the adventures of the Paragon Society, a hero group that was active from the 1930's through the 1970's. The last surviving member of this group has asked for your help investigating a secret involving the 5th Column that dates back to World War 2. [SFMA]”


Dev Review: "An extremely enjoyable arc which involves stopping the 5th Column from restarting an old experiment. This whole arc has that Justice Society of America feel from the classic comics and is just overall well organized and consistent. I would definitely recommend this be played by anyone who enjoys beating up 5th Column and that classical comic style.



The House of Gaunt Saints

  • Arc ID: 37489

  • Created by: @Darmian

  • Number of Missions: 5

  • Level Range: 20 - 25

  • Description: "In the shadows of Praetoria a secret war rages as Praetor Sinclair seeks to wipe out traitors who have allied themselves with the forces of Primal Earth and attempt to sabatage the Emperor's plans. There can be no mercy. [A Praetorian SFMA set prior to the War.] [Tenebrae 3]”. 


Dev Review:  "This arc is all about Praetor Sinclair's attempt to permanently deal with Mr. G aka Doppelganger aka Praetorian Protean. There are several twists and turns, some interesting custom mobs, and overall a well written story that fits right in with praetorian content. Darmian's traditional formatting is once again present, and as always is excellent and really improves the readability of the story/clues. I'd definitely roll up a praetorian and go through this arc chronologically with the other praetorian arcs."




  • Arc ID: 42775

  • Created by: @cranebump

  • Number of Missions: 5

  • Level Range: 30 - 35

  • Description: "[SFMA] DATA calls on you to lend a hand with a current conundrum. As always, though, there's more on the horizon than initially appears. Can you bring yet another sinister plot crashing to Earth? Or will your unseen foe achieve their sky-high aspirations?”. 


Dev Review:  "A fun arc where you uncover a strange plot by a rogue Crey scientist. The missions were enjoyable and the story was quite solid.  All in all, I'd definitely run through the arc again!"




Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! 

Special thank you to all the GMs that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is incredibly appreciated.

Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice you can post those recommended arcs for us to review here: 


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Congrats to the winners!

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"On the Claw-Tipped Wings of Betrayal" #43524 **November 2021 Dev's Choice**  

"The Defenders of Talos" #44578 **Mission Architect Competition Winner for October 2021: REBIRTH**  

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