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Flashback Missions


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It would depend on how you want to do them. Looking to speed through it or make each mission challenging. Speed, survivable Stalker with AoE, survivable Scrapper/Brute/Blaster with stealth. Challenging, pretty much anything that can stay alive.

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Well, damage dealers solo faster so I'd go with a DPS class who has some survivability.  I would say Brutes do great at low levels due to fury being their damage source, but it doesn't matter much if you're building a level 50 to exemplar down and running at 0x1.  If that's what's happening then difficulty is not a problem with any choice.

Active on Excelsior:

Murder Robot Monkey - Night Widow, Prismatic Monkey - Seismic / Martial BlasterXero-Ranger Monkey - Energy Melee / Energy Aura Stalker


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I just soloed the entire game, every contact every arc, every side mission, on a Brute.  A Blaster would have been faster 99% time but a Brute can waltz through that 1% time where a Blaster is doing trigonometry to try to figure how to get something done.  Always take STEALTH, real stealth, not a stealth proc.  That will speed you through a good half+ of the content.

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When the servers are down for maintenance, I can get wordy. So, here's my conclusion first: I would say, if you're still fairly new to the game - go the way of the brute. It's a lot more forgiving of error than a blaster or stalker. 

My other thoughts leading me to that statement: 

So...here's the deal with Flashback missions...for any mission that the game would organically give you in the level 10-15 range, like "Rescue the Missing Fortune Teller", in Ouroboros, the level range is a bit off - it's in the 9-14 range. But, in order to do it through Ouro, you'd have to have outleveled it, or be higher than 14. But, if you wait until you're level 20, you'll get the benefit of those extra slots and those couple extra powers. 

And at 50, while you only get the benefit of a couple extra powers, you get the benefit of having a lot more slots. So, as an exemped 50 - this will be a much easier path than as a native character leveling up through content organically. 

So what's going to be best? Depends. How would you define best? Fastest? or Easiest? Is easy the same as fast? Is fast the same as easy? Not talking about my ex-wife, now. (Kidding! She's always been real slow! Too soon? Sorry, honey.) 

As someone whose done these arcs through ouro more than a few times, with blasters, dominators, controllers, brutes, tanks, scrappers, stalkers, to me, there's a bit of an anecdotal tie between the stalker, the brute and the blaster. 

Stalker has that super stealth Hide, right from level 1. Makes a lot of things easier. Lacks the Resist cap of brute. But, if you choose a defensive set, the defense soft cap numbers are the same for all ATs, so you should go with a defensive armor, in my opinion on lower resist cap characters like Stalkers, Scrappers, Sentinels. 

Brutes have the highest resist cap, (tied with tanks) and fury. Makes the early levels cake. 
Blasters...well, if you can afford to slot them "properly" and know how to do so, they are just incredible. By "properly", I mean the build has to be right for you, specifically & individually as a player. In my case, I like Super Speed with combat jumping, and using a jet pack to handle the vertical. But, with the teleport pool being revamped, it can be quite fun, if you can get used to using it. But some of those powers - like fold space, when you take that, what offensive power are you not taking? At 50, it's not a real big deal, but for flashbacks, when you take this kind of power, you'll want to keep that in mind when you choose your powers. 

Using the fortune teller mission as an example, if you pursued fold space too early, you might mistakenly omit your status protection until level 22, and then not have it against the CoT boss. That could be a mistake! And from where I sit on the occasional pug, a lot of players make this mistake. Yeah, like the guy who's on the Sutter TF, capped at level 40, with no travel power because he picks them last, because he never plays anything until he's level 50! 

And, fun is subjective. I know one player - the ONLY AT I've ever seen him/her on is a brute. That's all they'll play. They like brutes. Some folks prefer melee. I prefer ranged. It's just easier for me. Having to use fold space to herd, or hitting the F key when I need to, it just seems like a wasted step to me. But that's me, and I promise you, the way I think is much different than the way others think. 

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