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Fault is rolling to attack twice or sometimes not at all.


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Just rolled a stone/stone brute and learned Fault. Then I began noticing odd things. I had Fault activate on a pair of lost and nothing happened in a cave mission. No roll. No miss. Nothing. I thought, "weird". Then I began noticing other odd things.


Scenario one: The next mission I noticed multiple misses on a single target. So I looked at the combat log. The power is rolling 2 attack rolls, with different chances to hit. One hit but it said it missed. The second missed and it said it missed. Then the Lt. got knocked down and stunned. No damage. 


Scenario two: I killed the Lt. and left the minion. Then just hit fault alone over and over until I got a damage hit. Both rolls hit and the target was knocked down and took damage.


Scenario three: So now I spammed fault until I finally got the first attack roll to miss and the second to hit. No knockback or stun happened, I only got damage. 


So it appears fault does two attack rolls for different things. 


I have attached pics of my combat log for all three scenarios explained above. If this is normal I never noticed anything like it before. Hope it can be fixed or changed to a single attack roll. Hitting once can sometimes be hard enough. I don't want to have to roll twice at lower levels.😄








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7 hours ago, Anderoth said:

So it appears fault does two attack rolls for different things

Correct. Fault executes 2 powers, so 2 to-hit rolls is expected. 

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