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Suggestions for new players trying to organizing task forces

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I have noticed an increase in new or returning players. Yeah!


So, if any of the new or returning players are having issues organizing TF teams. Here are a few suggestions.


These are not requirements. Merely suggestions for composing your recruiting text:


  • State if the TF is being run speed or kill most
    • If you don't state this you run the risk of players running ahead and completing the mission while the rest of the group is still on the first few groups.
    • Speed means skip everything but mission completion objectives
      • These are usually run at low difficulty like 0
      • Often not newbie friendly, because experienced players blaze through with speed and stealth. Leaving other players, usually the newbies, confused and overwhelmed.
    • Kill mosts
      • Kill everything between you and the mission completion objectives
      • Not a kill all
      • Usually, run at +1 or more difficult for most experience
        • You can add what difficulty you're running at if you want
      • Slower pace, good for leveling, can take much longer, sometimes much longer, then speedy.
  • Task force name
  • State the minimal level required. If the TF requires level 20 or higher. Then I say level 20+.
  • LFM = Looking for more
    • As you add players I change the LFM from LFXM. X being the number of open spaces left on the team
      • It adds a bit of urgency. Oh, the team is filling up I better ask for spot
  • Add these pieces together
    • Example: Kill most. Yin TF. Level 20+ required. LF6M.




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Great suggestions.  Also, it's good to announce how many merits it's worth (hovering over the TF in the LFG list will tell you), and announce it's the WST if it is, and that it's double merits and gives a Notice of the Well for incarnates.

  • Example: Kill most. Yin TF. Level 20+ required. LF6M.  20 merits
  • Example: Kill most. Yin TF. Level 20+ required. LF6M. WST, 20x2 merits, notice of the well
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Since we're talking new players, in regards to the OP statement of "Task Force Name", I'd suggest adding "blue side", "red side", or "co-op".  While technically the villain side uses Strike Forces (SF) there's a common tendency to use "TF" to represent everything, which might be confusing to a new player who doesn't know a Virgil Tarikoss from a Earnesto Hess.

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On 5/20/2022 at 6:25 PM, KaizenSoze said:
  • Add these pieces together
    • Example: Kill most. Yin TF. Level 20+ required. LF6M.

Excellent example.  All the information I include but I use better grammar and sentence structure.  🙂


I would also add that I say if there is anything unusual or noteworthy about the TF.

For example, Market Crash gives a guaranteed purple on your first run.

If it's the weekly, I mention that.

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Link to the story of Toggle Man, since I keep having to track down my original post.

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