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Costume Contest!

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Good evening/morning/afternoon/[I don't know what time it is, I've been in this queue for 3 days]!


We were upset we didn't get to do our Costume Content in-game (server player caps and stability because apparently there are a LOT of you guys). So I crowd-sourced ideas and someone mentioned the idea of doing the Costume Contest over the forum!


So, here are the rules:

1. Each player is only allowed to submit one costume (just like if it were in game, you could only log into one person to compete).

2. ABSOLUTELY no discriminatory costumes. If we determine it fails on this rule, there is no appeal. A repost may constitute a ban.

3. No reposting other people's costumes. It's one thing for people to genuinely have similar ideas (have you ever seen The Incredible Hulk?) but taking someone's picture and claiming it as your own (or recreating it) doesn't count. And if there's a dispute, the first post wins.

4. You may submit up to three (3) pictures of your character. These can be from the character creator screen or doing in-game emotes or action shots.

5. Contest will run from now until midnight on Friday, 3 May PST. We'll announce the winners some time over the weekend.

6. PLEASE do not post any comments in this thread about how much you like a particular costume. Make another thread for it or talk about it in Discord, Reddit, 4chan, in-game, in the Upside-Down, just not here. Please. PLEASE.


How do you compete? I'm glad you asked!


First, creating your costume. I'm sure you've all noticed our servers are getting hammer-timed. We're doing our best, but you hug so good. So we ask that you use Titan Icon to create costumes and, if you need some action shots, try out Paragon Chat (remember: we're judging your costume itself, not how good you can use emotes on top of Atlas or wherever else). There is no penalty for taking screen shots of your guy in the character creation screen (remember you can make the background lighter or darker!) or from doing it while using emotes or Peter Parker-ing yourself. If you can do it without keeping someone else locked out of the game, cool.


Second, why bother taking the time to make a kick-ass costume? We don't have a definite answer to this at the moment, but I assure you it will be grand and the winner will be the first winner of a costume contest in over six years. You basically get to be history. (inb4 History Man)


Third, below is the format we're asking you submit with. Keep in mind we will have to go through hundreds (maybe even thousands) of these, so for the love of god help us out. I promise I will skip even looking at your post if it's all over the place. We're not asking for backstories simply because we don't have the time to read them all. I'm sorry [sadface]


Top of the post: Your character's name

Below that: Your in-game account name (We can obviously see what forum account you use when you post, so again make sure it's the one you use to log in to the game)

Below that: Battle cry. What would your character shout while vanquishing a powerful foe?

Below that: Your 1-3 pictures. Do not post more than 3 pictures. We will delete your post and (if repeated) squelch your account. Use the following format to do it. You will have to upload your pictures somewhere else and then post the links below.





And that's all you have to do! Curious what it looks like? Well I'll show you! (Probably turn off the UI and take better pictures than I did.)


This line exists solely to delineate the post, so pretend everything under here is a forum reply


Character: C-Birb

Account: ArachnosPhobia

Battle cry: Caw!








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Name:  Ghost Pirate


Account Name:  Rashnudamz / @damz


Battle cry:  Well, there's just too many pirate puns to be had here :p


It's a simple costume with just a few tweaks, but the powerset of Dual Blades/Dark Armour really sets the tone for it.  Only level 12 at the moment so will look even better with a few more powers added on.

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Character Name: TeraJoule

Account: Kelador

Server: Indomitable  (moved over when it opened)

Elec/Elec Brute


The clockworks ultimate weapon built to take on the perky Super Heroes! unfortunately they shouldn't of installed an A.I. as he decided the world needed heroes and turned away from his makers to forge his own path as a hero!




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Character Name: Flint Water

Account: sealTERROR

Radiation Emission / Water Blaster, Defender.


Born from the waters of Flint, Michigan, Flint Water aims to restore balance in the world via radiation purification and enemy disfiguration. He utilizes powerful water cannons tainted with lead to hurt his enemies, while buffing his allies with powers gained from continuous exposure to the toxic water growing up.




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