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Two Romulus's in One Cutscene (4* Hardmode)

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4* Hardmode.


If you teleport to where Romulus stands. before the cutscene triggers, it causes the Silver Romulus to spawn. (And then stand there as the gold romulus does the cutscene.)


Like this:



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The only real fix for this is likely going to be forcing the cutscene to play from farther away, the way it was set-up was kind of lazy in that it just triggers from the proximity of players to the mob's spawn location, but as you can see if you bypass the outer limits by teleporting in closer than expected the system has no way to know which ones should and shouldn't be spawned and does both.

This was likely due to the lua script change to make the cutscene variable between modes. The dialog he uses in HM is slightly different and so the script controlling that setup is different from before.

Will thinktank a fix for this.

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This actually isn't new. My group triggers this occasionally on live. If you teleport to Romulus right now on live, and get close enough that you're in range for the combat version to spawn, it can sometimes spawn in right as the cutscene triggers, so you see both Romuluses (and yourself) in the cutscene.

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