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Focused Feedback: Costume & Pet Reward Updates

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13 hours ago, El D said:


As a preface - these were taken using Titan Icon (which is severely out of date), so it's possible things may have changed by now.


As far as the Sybil's go, the robe actually is a functional costume item - the issue is that it's all tied into a singular Chest Piece that provides the torso robes, cape, and the skirt all in one, and is completely broken when you don't also use the Roman Sybil belt (leaves a massive gap because it wasn't designed to ever be used with anything else or with player use in-mind).



The neck and arm bands are all also tied to one single selection under Head -> Detail 2. These wouldn't require the same type of fixing as the robe, but would need to be broken down and reattached into different points on the model (Detail 2 for just the neck torc and Gloves for the forearm bands, since the Barbarian shoulder rings are already the upper arm bit) so there's still work required there too.




That's also not getting into the issue of possible proliferating any of these items to the Male and Huge models - if not the Sybil robes, than the neck/forearm bands at least, which is that much more extra work.


A lot of the NPC/Dev Only pieces are set up like this. Single category selections that cover multiple body parts/areas because they weren't made to be mixed and matched the way player costumes can be. Many of them are also only designed for Male or Female models, with limited overlap, and don't even exist at all for Huge. Plus only being made to work with the specific costume they were made for, so they clip massively or outright have missing geometry when used with other items.


Frankly, having a 'Sybil Outfit' hologram option that functions as a Mode costume would be the easiest route. Keeps the skintone, face, hair, etc. all the same and just slaps your character into the robes, belt, and arm bands. Could do variants of it, too - the normal Sybil blue, the Sister Solaris white/gold, and the Sister Airlia black. I'd definitely buy it.


I agree since some Banished Pantheon and Talons mobs don't use a belt. the main problem is the height for both pieces. It could convert yet if they make it an "illusion" like how ghost and shadow work. It might be able to work on models as well, I mean that "special outfit" tab is there.

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On 10/12/2022 at 5:25 PM, Coyotedancer said:

'Glad to see the rest of the Mages in there.  Maybe the "old school" black-and-red Thorn Wielders will show up some day, too. They had a pretty distinct look compared to the current version in-game.  And 250, while still pricey, is better than 1500 for the MiniMe.


One thing it might be worth looking at... The Aether drops for weekly TF/SFs. For the quick, fast ones two seems okay, but for some of the others? Not so much. Doing something like a Doc Q and still getting two was pretty underwhelming, honestly. 

If you do a dr q on a 50 and dont have your alpha unlocked? no prismatics surprise!!!!!! cant get them on a non 50 doing the wst either, because no one wants costumes until they have their incarnates unlocked. Those of us that use tfs to level? This content isnt for us.

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On 10/15/2022 at 11:48 PM, stonehd said:

A few more thoughts:


I don't have a problem with the costs of T1 or T2.  I should have specified that.   For any T1 that I want, I'm pretty sure I'm able to earn or purchase.  I was pleasantly surprised that I've gotten 3-4 aether just from running standard content solo, and between that and some marketeering, I can easily afford those with a reasonable amount of effort.   The T2 & T3 don't interest me much, but those prices don't feel all that off for me, either.   


** see edit below   No, it's really the price of the T4 that hurts, specifically for the mini costume (which appears to not be included with this update, if I read correctly).   And it's because you've added the ability to make a frickin' chibi version of our characters (!!!), and then made them incredibly expensive, and it's feels pretty crappy. 


But... I remember feeling the same way back on live when butterfly wings were a pretty hard-to-get costume recipe (oh, memories).  Eventually, their costs on the market did come down, but it did take a while.  When I checked the aether price on live a week or two ago, they were going for 140,000,000 each.  Just now I checked and they were going for around 4,000,000, which is admittedly a pretty good drop already.  Honestly I've not once, neither here nor on live, come close to having a billion inf.  Base-building, costume-making, Pocket D-hanging, popmenu-building and such, they don't give any inf, and that's half my time in the game these day.  I prefer doing those things to grinding, so for now I'll remain hopeful that as more people get earn them, the market prices will drop more -- hopefully a lot more.




EDIT:  I posted this without catching the mini-costume was now in T3 (thanks @lemming for pointing that out).   T3 is a lot of coin, but I can see it as reachable even for me with some effort.  This definitely helps me feel like that particular costume is more affordable now.  

On live, The entire release 9 from beginning to end I never got a single wing recipe drop. I made over 2 million prestige on my tank in that time. I was convinced that the drop rate was borked.

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