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Repeatable mission contact in Croatoa


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More of an "I think this would be nice to have" versus a need, but - what about a repeatable mission contact in Croatoa?


Two reasons -

1. I play Croatoa a lot. Quite often I get to 28 or 29, and really am more interested in progressing in Croatoa than going to *another* zone or trying to find a TF or something, then coming back. (Especially for some of my magic-centric characters.) And


2. Badging.  If you're not running on a team, street-sweeping to get the rest of the 333 each of the denizens of Croatoa gets tedious.


(Honestly, some one-off actual *missions* or Croatoa-speciifc tips would be nice, too, versus the adlibs style tips we get, but, more work.)

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Croatoa is my favorite spot, and would love for more to do there.

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5 minutes ago, krj12 said:

Would love for a level 50 extension to Croatoa,  so much could be done for the overall story arc.


Maybe a level 50 repeatable mission contact, with lev 50 versions of the mobs...



That would be one helluva jump for the zone's 25-34 range. I like the idea of the repeatable contact. I'm against the drive I'm seeing on the forums to make all the zones level 50. (Edit: Or rather, the drive to cram level 50 content into the non-50 zones.)

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