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What's your abnormal farming build?


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On 12/17/2022 at 11:24 AM, TheZag said:

I remembered there was 1 more type of farm that you might see people with strange looking builds using - the low level elite boss farm.  They are more of a new alt solo power leveling farm instead of a inf/rewards farm.  Alot of them were broken with the last AE update and most that were fixed still dont have elite bosses anymore and you end up getting like 3 times less xp than before.


I went ahead and fixed mine to grab some levels for my ice/cold corruptor.  At level 23,  I get 1988 xp for each elite boss and the kill took 14 seconds (142 xp/sec).  The popular EB farm that only has bosses now gave me 720 xp on a 17 second kill (42 xp/sec).  I get roughly 3 and a half times better xp on my fixed EB farm.  Mine never made it up the list but search 48471 if you need better xp for a new alt.  Read the mission info and contact text once though or you will likely end up with slower xp/min than is possible.



Will do! Always looking for new ways to make my altitis even MORE apparent... XD

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13 hours ago, Krimson said:

I have never made an Inv/SS Tanker. I'd have to learn what kind of potential AoE chain they had to make a proper farming build from one. 


Inv/SS isn't an ideal farmer...far from it (although back in the Live days, pre Brutes, they were kings.  The AOE is great from Foot Stomp and Cross Punch, but that's about it.  VERY slow, solo, compared to Spines/Rad/Bio/Fire combos.


But they are amazing farming support toons by being basically immune and able to herd large groups.  My most played Inv/SS also has Pyre Mastery and lays down Melt Armor, every time it's up.  Most PUG fire farming teams I join, for fun and influence, do compliment that the map clear times speed up with NUT on the team.

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Topdoc started a fad of claws electric brutes while the game was still live for two reasons, which have since been changed.


The first was that you used to be able to chug a bunch of inspirations before entering AE and they would still be active.  The theory was to cap everything before going in, and then keep it going as best you could with the stack of inspirations you brought it and then with drops.  The second was getting Spin at level 6 and Lightning Field at level 1 and slotting them with procs. 


Using this method, Topdoc and others were able to self-PL from level 1 to 50 fairly quickly.  Because of this and a detailed forum post by Topdoc explaining the plan, we started seeing a lot of claws/electric brutes running around.  The devs ended up preventing inspirations from carrying over on zoning and the procs used to have a flat rate which made them very effective in fast attacks and AoEs.  PPM changed that too.


Claws/Electric Brutes can still be a lot of fun, but that way of self-PLing is no longer available.

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I don't AE farm, but I have done something like farming with nothing like the 'classic' farm builds (that is: I have no Brutes above level 16 and no "damage aura" characters that I can think of, except possibly for a Dominator with Hot Feet). The content that makes me think I'm close to farming, is 'at-will, on-demand':

  • Heather Townshend's (Dark Astoria 1) arc at either 0x1 or 0x8. Small spawns to "farm" the arc rewards (sometimes including Super Inspirations), large spawns for drops.
  • SSA (speedy) for merits, sometimes mindlessly for threads or Astrals
  • Tip (and Ouroboros) Missions at 0x8 for defeat (mostly) badges, and just to fill up on raw drops (e.g. level 50 common recipes to craft for badges) or junk to toss on the AH for badge reasons
  • Hamidon raids (not exactly "on demand"!) for merits and HOs. Less so MSR (for Vanguard merits) but sometimes.

In no case is raw Inf my reason for 'farming', but it's not like I throw away Inf that comes from those trivial exercises. Since it is the drops I crave, I don't have to run at +3 to get the drops I want.


To answer the title question of the thread, when I am doing the above at 0x8, I've used my Fortunata, Mastermind (Robotics), and Dominator (Plant), as I've found that they clear maps rather quickly. The Robotics Mastermind is very easy to have at the defense cap and keep aggro pouring into kill zones. The other two have decent AoE AND spawn confuses... many enemies in the game are weak to their own attack types and it takes very little effort for a solo player to get on the "I did damage" list to be considered for a drop. I like the way my AoE  Shield / Battle Axe Tanker plays in 0x8, but I have to drag bosses between spawns to clear maps since it takes that much more effort to finally defeat those guys to claim their rewards.

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